December 16th, 2003


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I’m currently in a completely pointless mood in which I feel the need to spam my LJ. Hello friends list. Bet you’re loving me now! But I’m not that, cruel so I’ll cut the quiz/meme spam.

As a response to phfa who said I wouldn’t be able to write a truly horrible Sue, I went out and did so. She ended up sending me a horrified reply. I take this as a good sign of how bad the fic was. I mean, it had authors notes and everything ^_^ I now endeavour to write a Sue for every fandom. Why? Cause it will amuse me. And make other people’s eye balls go ‘AHHH!!’

Oh! Speaking of Sues- well, this has nothing to do with them, but I wanted some sort of lead on.- I was talking to a person through someone else’s LJ and they suddenly said, out of the blue, that they’d read The Heirs and thought it rocked. The Heirs! Our HP fic. I- it- how- This led to much insane giggling on my part and babbling with phfa about it. We have decided that clearly The Heirs is a phenomenon in England and we are stars. Yep. That’s how it is.

See, and now I’ve reached the completely pointless part of this entry. (Not that the rest was thrilling) I’m now off to write Mary Sues/Slytherin fic/Heirs snoggings.

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