December 14th, 2003


Circe has no subject. Circe needs to subject.

Woke up early enough this morning to watch the music videos. (Fine. So I was just still awake and switched on the TV. Whatever.) In hindsight this may not have been the best idea. Since some of the things I saw will scar me for life.

Namely Westlife singing Mandy. Scarred, I tell you!

Luckily I fell asleep soon after this and didn’t see much more damaging stuff. Although, maybe I should have stayed up and tried to see this Behind Blue Eyes version that persephone_20 is- or was- addicted to.

Woke up this afternoon to find my inbox spammed. Not that I’m complaining. I like that much better then when it’s completely empty and I suspect everyone that I know must have died during the night. Cause, you know, that’s kind of a bummer. Then mum wandered in and invited me to go to Master and Commander with her and a friend. Thought about it but declined. There is only so much Russell Crowe I can stand. And a whole movie with people on such a pretty boat ships and no Johnny Depp is just wrong.

So I was instead innocently perusing and found this description for Hermione in someone’s story.

Appearance~ Hermione has honey brown eyes and wavy, waist length, light brown hair. She has since discovered a spell that takes away all it's frizziness. She has a beautiful smile and blemish free complexion. Her body is toned and curvy, though she sometimes hides it.

AAHH!! It’s another ‘Mione Granger! Attention qanonreip- Come and whack her with a paddle. (Actually, I don’t know if qanonreip has a paddle to thwack people. xmensues does, but then they have The Paddle, and I think they need it more.) Canon Sues are worse that Original Sues. I mean, they’re got this whole Infesting thing happening. Creepy.

Bagenders have written their Christmas special, which turned out to be really bad for my heart. I mean, what do they expect when they put the words ‘Eomer’, ‘Aragorn’ and ‘Bed’ in the same sentence?? *fans self*

And it has this line:

Eomer grabbed the rest of the duvet and wrapped himself in it, like an overfed caterpillar.

Which I just find insanely cute. ^_^ Squishy little Eomer! Soveryadorable.


Alright, am going to go post for Arda. See what a good girl I am, moment_of_sen and phfa?

Sidenote: Jason Issacs is the hottest Captain Hook ever.

Dear Varda, there must be plugged! moment_of_sen’s Arda advent calender. So adorable!

Shopping with hobbits, Squishy Cuteness! and Aragorn’s sweater…

Wait. What's the sound?


Why the hell are there birds making noises outside my window at this time of night??

Oh. That may be because ‘this time of night’ is also called dawn. Oh. Alright, Arda and then bed.

I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.

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