December 13th, 2003



This is my post to say

'Congrats LJ. You made a good choice.'

Re: the removal of invite codes, I mean. Seriously, there are a lot of people bitching about this, which I find ridiculous and elitist. They seem to have a 'Waaa! Now everyone will have a LJ.'

Hey, am I completely out there to think that's a good idea? The guys in charge here are making this place somewhere for everything. do I have too much sense of community or something? I’d love for everyone to be able to have a LJ if they want one and not have to beg and crawl for a code. may be tempting me with it's 1000 icons (The little temptress!) I'm staying right here.

Although, I may go get a GJ just so I can stare at the icons... (tiny pictures are my weakness!)

Bravo, LJ. I salute you. *does so*
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