December 5th, 2003


This is a dream...

Hello Oh journal of mine.

I feel so very lazy today. I’ve managed to really not a do a thing. Even less that usual, which I wouldn’t have thought was possible. Apparently it is. cause today I’ve done, erm, not much. Watched old Angel episodes, made a Farscape few wallpapers, and wrote less than half a page about mine and phfa’s newest Epic Romance pairing. She and I are getting good at waffling on about the love lives of not real people. It’s impressive. Although, I’m not sure what this says about me. I mean, I’m not looking for a relationship (In fact, I avoid them more than the plague) and yet I can spend my days writing romantic mush that would make me raise an eyebrow in real life. Ah, I much prefer my stories to my life. This is sad.

I feel the need to make an X-Men campfire. (Erm, it’s kind of like an RPG for all those people who aren’t members.) I so shouldn’t be starting another campfire as I’m already just getting a fantasy one going. Sigh. Sometimes I think I have to many campfires, and then I don’t think I have enough. Right now I’m in the ‘I need more, more, more!’ stage.

*looks around room* I have to start packing all this stuff up. That thought makes me nervous and kinda sad. In February I’m leaving here to go to a foreign country. I have to decide what I’m taking. Dear lord, I can only just survive out a suitcase from three weeks at my dads, now I have to live out of one for a year? A whole year. Well, if I forget something there’s no ‘I’ll see it as soon as I get back.’ As soon as I get back will be February 2005. I’m actually really glad that I have this LJ. It means that I can still keep in touch with all my friends here. I won’t lose my New Zealand girls. (Even the thought of that scares me. I never want to lose them.)

I put extended Two Towers DVD on my Christmas wish list, but I don’t think I’m going to get it. Mum’s getting me a digital camera, so that will be my Christmas present and my birthday present. (Since I’ll still be in the UK in August.) I’m wondering what my dad is going to get me. He was talking on the phone about a credit card, and it’s just so hard to tell if he’s joking half the time. At the beginning of this year he told me he’d bought me a Mercedes for when I got my license. I took it for a joke and got up there to find a 1977 cherry red Mercedes. Too bad I still don’t have my license, huh? I’d have to drive it all the way down the coast of Australia to get it home though, as he lives in Nimbin and I live in Tas. Uber far.

The only thing I know for sure that I’m taking- besides clothes- is the Lord of the Rings. There is no way in hell I’m leaving home for a whole year and not taking those books with me. Oh, and my laptop of course. Duh. The Precious is coming with me. I get anxiety attacks just leaving it when I go down town. I swear, sometimes we’re joined at the hip. *schnoogles thinkpad*

Oh, must check xmensues. Ah, Mary Sue’s make me giddy! Was reading through some of the character bio’s for the campfires I’m in, and they were making me giggle and want to dance about the room. They were all ‘Obsidian hair that feel in beautiful waves’ and ‘violet eyes, specked with gold, that sparkled.’ Bwa hahahaha!! (The Sues seared phfa’s eyeballs, but I had lots of fun ^_^)

persephone_20 was telling me all about the area around the hostel, and dear god it sounds gorgeous. All fog, and ruins, and a castle. It’s going to make me wear a long skirt and ponce about with a candle going “Heathcliff! Heeeeathcliff!” I’ll try not to do it in view of the customers.

Also, was innocently wandering LJ while I waited for it to stop acting stupid and I found this. *dies on floor*