December 3rd, 2003


As night falling in winter it comes without a star.

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tonight I want to finish my nano novel. Am about to go raid the fridge and see what I can find. I feel the need for cheese. And I have a bottle of coke beside me, and I jar of Treacle if I get absolutely desperate for sugar! And then I can finish nano and then begin my great and wonderful Slytherin epic thingy. Don’t have a plot, I just know I want to write about my beloved Slytherins. Years of reading stories where the Slytherins are completely two-dimensional antagonists have finally stirred me into action. A kind of sitting-down-and-typing action.

But first NaNo. Only about a chapter to go. Okay, two chapters. It’s sitting at 58,736 at the moment so I just need to get moving again. Need to finish this. This is the longest story I’ve ever written, and I want it to be the first long finished thing I’ve written. (I have a half finished fantasy novel that’s been sitting at just over 50k for months.)

The bed is soooo inviting…. No! must write at leats 1000 words before bed!

Sleep tight phfa and moment_of_sen. Dream of rotkness.

jaguar7482, you are a good writer! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, even yourself.

persephone_20 you’re not here. This is sad.

Night, diary!