December 1st, 2003


They stay because they would not be parted from you. Because they love you.

Tonight I watched a mini series thing called After the Deluge that had Hugo Weaving in it. *contented sigh* That guy rules. He’s been one of my favourite actors since I was, well, tiny! One of the very first movies I have any memory of is one of his. It was this really weird movie called Wendy Cracked A Wallnut, and I can now remember nothing more about it than it had him, and a house that kept sinking into a bog. Hmmm, weirdness. After the Deluge also had David Wenham (sp?) in it, and so it was threatening to cause a lotr overload. But I survived and only babbled about Faramir and Elrond about three times. And I only went ‘Mr Anderson’ twice. Go me.

Would anyone like to take bets on how long it will be til the Boromir and Faramir bits wear out on my EE:TTT tape? Waaa. Need extended DVD! Am jealous of all beings who get to hear the wonderful cast commentry. And am jealous of Persephone, who gets to see RotK ages before me and isn’t even a fan. The world has a sick sense of humour.

Speaking of lotr, is it totally wrong that I have Eowyn’s funeral song in my head when I neither know the words or even the proper tune? Is that old English or Rohirric?

Finally sent an email to dad telling him that:

A) Happy Birthday
B) I’ve dropped out of high school.
C) I’m moving to Ireland

You know, I want to keep it simple and all. Don’t want to throw too much at him at once. *rolls eyes* I’m a high school drop out. Wow. Even with my complete lifelong contempt of school, I never thought I would ever drop out. And now I have. The first person I told in currently at Uni herself and she totally freaked out (like I knew she would.) but now I have to tell my other university friend. And she’s the one I’ve been dreading telling. Because she’s gonna scream and yell at me for this, I’m sure. Which is scary. Strangers I can take that from. But she just has a way of cutting straight to the bone. Sigh. I guess I’ll see how it goes.

And I do NOT want to tell my grandfather. He thinks I’m like this really smart person who could be some kind of rocket scientist, and that’s just not me. He’s put so much faith in me that I’ll pass with flying colours and get a degree and yada yada and I hate to have to tell him that it’s not gonna happen. Sigh.

I’ve totally been avoiding telling anyone. I told Sena on the phone the other day and she was so cool about it. It was such a relief. She’s probably a little disappointed, but ah well. I’m a little disappointed in myself. But right now, I’m just not a school person. Maybe some day in the future I will be. I’m really hoping to go to uni when I move to New Zealand in 2005ish.

But right now I’m going to be getting out into the real world. The real, scary, across-the-other-side-of-the-globe world.

Ack. Enough of that now. Time for happiness. I am at the moment rather bouncy and happy cause for the last few weeks I’ve been wishing that Farscape was on, and on Friday it is! *does a dance* I feel the need to change my icon to celebrate, but I don’t want to have to take down any of the icons I have. Pout.

Oh yeah, I should be finishing the last two chapters of my NaNo novel, but have instead been writing a pointless/plotless X-Men fic. What’s up with that? This bloody (Non)Mary Sue is taking over my life.

The girls will be at the premier tomorrow! Squee! *is excited and won’t even be there herself.*

And on a completely different note, I need to dye my hair. This red-brown colour is getting so old and boring.

Okay, my eyes are drooping down and are possibly going to fall out, so I shall go to bed. And more than likley take my laptop and write annoying, life taking overy X-Men thingy. Dammit.

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These days every girl with a spice rack and a henna tattoo thinks she’s a sister to the dark ones.

Today I was innocently perusing the bookshop. (Finding Tolkien’s Lost
and wondering if I had any faith left to but the new Lestat book.) And what should I come across but this horrid little gem:

“Vodou Charms To Improve Your Life.”

No. Just no. God, has the media not done enough damage to Vodou already? There’s barely a soul out that that doesn’t believe ‘voodoo dolls’ have nothing to do with Vodou and more to do with European Witchcraft. I find the concept that someone is now wrapping up Vodou is a little red book and selling to the new age masses as a quick fix to be disgusting. Gods, they’ve already done it with witchcraft. This crass commercialism that means I feel ill every time I see a shelf stack with gaudy ‘Wiccan Way!’ books. Do they now have to move in and do the same thing to Vodou? Will a day soon come when I will meet someone who blabbers about being a loyal Vodou practitioner because they once picked up a $19 book of Vodou spells? Sure, I don’t mind a good book about Vodou. In fat, I’d but it immediately. But I am horrified about these ‘how to’ books that are appearing. Vodou should never be a ‘how to’ religion. All I can hope is that anyone who is interested in that Vodou book will put it down, and go find a real reference book. Find out about the deep meanings behind those rituals before you go spouting your great and powerful connection to the ‘Loa.’


Sorry. That was my daily rant. Mum had to listen to it on the way home from the book store for about an hour. You may pity her.

In other new: I finally got my Visa forms. Hallelujah! Took a while, and now I just have to fill them out *looks at papers* Dear God, how horrible. All this just to go work in Ireland. How annoying.

Want Silmarillion. Lay-by too long. Dying. Although, every time I think of Silmarillion, I think of the Very Secret Diaries and Legolas doing his naked musical rendition. *giggles*

Sigh. I have to return my Latin textbook. This is sad to me. I like my little Latin book. What if there is some emergency and I have to translate something into Latin? I only know a few select phrases, but then maybe that’s a good thing. I can confuse anyone.

Man With Gun: This is a hold up!
Me: Canis in via dormit!
Man With Gun:
Me: Coquus est in culina!
Man With Gun: AAAAHH!! Run from the Latin!!

Aaah, useful. Latin may save my life.

Today is The Day. The Day that I have no reason to be excited about, but am anyway. It’s THE Premier. Yep, Return of the King in Wellington. phfa and moment_of_sen may have died from excitement at this point. Wibble. I hope they get a photo of Hugo Weaving. But if they don’t, well, I have him on my little television tonight. That will do.

In other news, I just fell over a plastic snake. But it’s okay. I’m fine. Nobody panic.
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