November 27th, 2003


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Waaa. I hate headaches.

Went to bed the other night and had dreams that I was in the middle of Harry Potter (note to self: don’t read random Goblet of Fire bits at 5am). In the dream I kept complaining that I had a headache and people kept ignoring me.

Then, woke up to find that dream headache was very real headache and lay there for few hours dying before I finally stumbled out to get painkillers.

Then fell back into bed wanting to sob and die, but knowing that crying would only make it worse. There used to be a time when I had headaches every day so would have been able to handle this. But now I’m a big baby, and lay there cursing painkillers for taking so long. My poor brain.

I turned down chocolate. This is the sign of how drastic this was.

And now I’ve been asleep for ages and I’m all confused about what day it is.

*checks little clock thing*

Oh! It’s Thursday! I can but EE: TTT today. Hopefully. Oh dear, I can feel the headache. It’s just waiting there… grrrr to it. *eats her flake chocolate*

This means I haven’t written any NaNo today. Pout. should write some tonight just so I can say I did. It’s 4am! Why are none of my friends online?

Oh. That sort of just answered itself, didn’t it?

Alright. Must go check Nocturne_alley and X-Sues. Because they are both addictions. I’m addicted to so many things. Also, have lots of emails at so should answer them.

What were Dom and Elijah smoking and where can I get some. Like, now. Because this insane. And made me giggle a very lot.

Pippin and his lover Cher!
Congrats! You are as twisted as we are! Horses and
inanimate objects are just as good as real
people! Though you may want to check yourself
into your local loony bin.

How Creepy Can Your Lord of the Rings Pairings Go?
brought to you by Quizilla

Bwa ha ha!!

Note to self: getting fucking enter key fixed! *pokes it* It keeps just falling off and that makes it very annoying!
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Bwa HA!!

I've figured out how to make animated icons without them going all pixely!! Hallelujah! *makes many icons*

Edit: I wish Danika had a LJ account for me to spam and babble to. Waily waily wail.
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I love my Extended Two Towers!!

Wheeeeeeee! Several hundred years after everyone else, I finally got my EE:TTT. *sighs contentendly*

I love the stew scene with Eowyn/Aragorn. So very gorgeous!

But my very favourite new scene was the one with Legolas and Gimli doing there body count! *laughs muchly*

Legolas: He was twitching.
Gimli: He was twitch because he has my axe embedded in his nervous system!

Oh! And there was Boromir! *crushes*

Also *deep breath*



*Circe breaks into hysterical sobbing and has to be led off by a devastatingly handsome dark-haired man*

Johnny Depp: Circe is unable to continue her Two Towers rant. So here is me nakedly gyrating in Treacle instead.

*He does so*
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