November 16th, 2003



I just wrote my entry for Arda:


Aragorn looked up. “That sounded like a diabolical laugh.”

“Or at least,” Legolas said, “A rather bad impression of a diabolical laugh. Either way, I think something s-”

“If you say ‘sinister’ I *will* kill you.”

“Right.” Legolas narrowed his eyes. “Something…” he paused as he tried to think of what word to use instead. “Something…ominous is going on.”

“Oooh, ‘ominous’. That’s nice.”


It's really one of the least funny things I've ever written. And that snippet it sadly the funniest bit. Pout. Kind of bad for when you're writing comedy!

I’ve been writing my NaNo on and off all night. Am at 33,161. I think. Anyway, today I will get to 40,000 words! Yep. I will do it. Only 6839 words. Okay, that seems like an awful lots now. Ignore the number! I will write as much as I can instead. Sounds more logical.

I skipped ahead and wrote the lead up to the Kimono Fight but stopped mysef so I could write the stuff before that. How upsetting. Although, now I have at least mentioned Li Ming. About time.

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Li Ming/Diantha! Must work out how I can get them to kiss. Not sure how, but it will happen. Or it may not. But that will be okay too, because very soon I get to bring my very favourite, beautiful, evil, brilliant demoness back into Diantha’s life. And she will, of course, Reveal Things. And they WILL kiss. I’m loving Eris/Diantha so very much. I mean, I’m sure I had some email somewhere that I sent about this aaaaaages ago.

Actually, I want to find this email and see what I wrote *goes off to look*

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Yep. I schnoogle the idea of Diantha/Eris. Think of the carnage if those two got together! And yes, phfa, I will write the Evil!Diantha/Eris plot bunny. As soon as NaNo is over, I guess. Although, I think that was originally the plot I was going to go with for NaNo! But I didn't. Clearly.

Oh! Daisy has a diary now: treacleangel Yay! More people to friend ^_^

I changed my name on to ‘The White Queen’ just to completely confuse people. Mwa mwa!

Amber Benson is pretty ^_^

And I’ve run out of babbling.
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Underwater Light

Started reading ‘Underwater Light’ by Maya.

In hindsight I think this is a very bad idea. But so far it’s very good.

And look!

“I didn’t know you were scared of the water, Malfoy.”

“We hardly do show-and-tell about our feelings, Potter. And everybody has phobias.” Malfoy’s voice turned malicious. “I recall a certain person swooning over Dementors…”

Draco scared of water! He and Diantha really are great together! *grins*

His haughty voice faltered for a second as he looked down at the lapping water, and Harry softened fractionally. He might be acting obnoxious because he was frightened.

Of course, in that case he must have been in a state of paralysing terror for the entire course of his schooldays.


He settled with linking an arm around Malfoy’s waist, and thanking heaven the boy was slim.

A positive aspect of Malfoy? Alert the Ministry.


“The whole school has been in fevered suspense about the identity of Harry’s hostage, since his best friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are in the audience. Everyone’s agog to see who the lucky girl is…”

Just then, Malfoy made a noise which suggested asphyxiation.


She had lifted it about an inch, revealing a gleam of white skin, when Malfoy intervened vehemently.

“I will not have pictures taken of me without my shirt on!” he exclaimed. “At least, not without substantial financial renumeration,” he added thoughtfully.

Sigh. I’m not getting anything written today.
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The latest from nocturne_alley:





And this is all in extremely large text. Lupin and Sirius are freaking and telling Hermione not to go see him, and she's freaking, and it's fun! It's making me go 'Eiii!' It a full on name calling-fest!

I'm reading everyone's jounral and I CANNOT find out what has happened! This is most annoying.

I'll just have to stay tuned...
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I luffles the Evil Chicks.

That is all.

Also, I now have a Queer as Folk icon that moment_of_sen has to appriciate ^_^ *points*

Also, a Dogma one. Hmmm, must see that movie again. Ooooh, Alan Rickman as the Metatron. That guy rocks.
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