November 14th, 2003


So very lazy....

Haven't done any writing. Instead spent the night reading Slash/slash peoples LJ's/Slash theories/Anything to do with slash really.

I'm so very evil.

Found this short little fic:Why There Wasn't Any Sex in Lotr

Also, found this quite amusing Letter to the Anti Slashers

Bits and peices from it:

Fourth, stop telling us you know gay people. You live on earth, of course you know gay people. The only way you don't know gay people is if you live inside of a shoebox, and even then it's debatable depending upon the brand of shoes.

*raises glass to this* Duh. I mean, seriously, people who think that they don't know gay people are seriously deluded. Think about it. How many people around you are probably gay but you don't know them well enough or they just arn't out yet?

until such time as you get lambasted for bringing the fandom down, get nastygrams in your email box for "daring" to make your favorite pairing heterosexual and have to go through five decades worth of secret handshakes and hiding in order to find fans who think just like you do shut the fuck up about your poor, persecuted hetero side of the fandom. You're the god-damned majority. Cope.

Word. *hands cookies to all the slashers*

Second, though we really appreciate you taking the time to try to educate us, we actually know that not every character on every show is gay. We watch the shows. We also understand statistical likelihoods. Making us little icons to remind us of that is like unto Denis Leary's comment about warning labels on cigarettes: Very few smokers think that cigarettes have vitamin C in them, very few slashers think that every character is queer. We know. We agree with you. Please save your efforts for less moot topics.

God, I need to find this woman/man/person and pledge my eternal love and adoration.

Finally, I found this community- slashphilosophy

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to write lots of hot, nekked, Arwen/Eowyn sex *pokes out tongue*
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Fuck it, I'm not done.

So when a slash writer uses these characters, they're breaking canon and projecting a different sexuality on the original character. That word "projecting" is important here. None of the characters on Angel are gay. They just aren't. I'm sorry that might disappoint those that wish these shows were about gay characters, but you have to look at what the author's intent was. Which was not gay. Because if the intent was that the characters are gay, they would be gay.

What the fuckidy-fuck?


Seriously. What the hell? I, for one, don't remember any incident where someone has gone. "Hi, My name's Gunn and I'm so very not gay. I like to shag hot girls all the time. Not gay. Please note my not gayness."

Fuck that. If we're going to use that argument then we can say that Willow/Tara wasn't really happening in season four. The word 'gay' was never uttered. They didn't even get to kiss on screen until the end of season 5, and even then it was a tame almost sisterly kiss!

So I'd like to ask why they assume all the characters on shows are straight. Would they have an answer for that, or would it just be the immensely lame "Because that's what they are!!" Fucking hell. What year are we in again? I’m offended enough by the fact that commercial TV won’t show two men/women kissing unless it’s for fucking publicity. And then people pull this ‘Everyone is straight because that’s the way it is’ shit.

Fuck them.
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One day you will understand, he thought at Harry, not knowing whether Harry could hear him or not. I always thought I would follow you up to the gates of Hell if I had to. And that, once arriving there, I would beg the gatekeeper to take me instead of you. And if he must take you, I would ask to come with you. And if he would not let me come with you, I would wait for you on the shores of the river. I promised to watch over you and follow you always. I promised never to leave you. I never thought that death might prevent me. Not your death, but mine.

Wibble! That is, of course, a passage from thegraybook's Draco Trilogy.

Draco/Harry is gorgeous and I still want to know whether the trilogy will go slash or not.

I swear, phfa and I got write an essay on this story! We spend far too much time discussing it. moment_of_sen still hasn't read it, despite our prodding.

I'm so very addicted. I hope a new chapter comes out soon. No! Not during NaNo though! That would just be evil.
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