November 13th, 2003


Tis A Thing.

1) Starting time: 2.26pm
2) Full Name: Circe Brennil (Come on, you didn’t think I was gonna answer that, did you? ^_^)
3) Nicknames: No nicknames besides ‘The Slytherin’ and many, many aliases
4) School: Devonport High. Woo-wee
5) Email:
5) Pet Peeve: erm, people who piss me off?
6) Eyes: blue
7) Hair: red
8) Height: no idea. something like 165cm?
9) Siblings: younger brother.
10) Ever been cheated on: Nope.
11) Have you ever missed school?: Yes.
12) Set any body part on fire for amusement?: Erm, no. Did set my hand on fire once but that wasn’t amusing…
13) Kept a secret from everyone: Yes.
14) Had an imaginary friend: Two of them. had a little boy and a little girl.
15) Ever wanted to hook up with a friend?: No one who was really a close friend.
6) Cried during a Flick: Yes. Can you say ‘Lord of the Rings’?
17) Had a crush on a teacher: No, not really.
18) Ever thought of animated characters as hot: heh, Trent from Daria. I suck.
19) Ever at anytime owned a 'New Kids On the Block CD: thank the lord, no.
20) Ever prank called someone: God, used to do it all the time.
21) Been on stage: Yes, many times. Not for a while though. Pout.

22) Shampoo: strawberry!
23) Color: black and purple. Sometimes greens
24) Summer/Winter: Winter! Snooooooooow.
25) Online:
26) Lace, silk or satin: Silk
27) Like Anyone?: Not at the moment.
28) Who have you known the longest of your friends: That would be goma_ness
29) Who's the funest to talk to: all of them!
30) Who's the shyest: Hmm, not sure. Me?
31) Who do you go to for advice: I don’t. probably it’d be Danika Who-has-no-LJ

----------IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS HAVE YOU------------
33) Cried: No.
34) Been mean: Actually, I think I’ve been rather pleasant. What’s up with that? I blame the Hufflepuff.
36) Been sarcastic: God, yes.
37) Met someone new: Yes! Met Jaguar. I think that was in the last two weeks…
38) Talked to someone you have a crush on: Nope.
39) Missed someone: Yep.
40) Hugged someone: Yep.
41) Fought with your parent(s): No. I don’t fight with my mum. Well, very rarely.
42) Wished upon a star: Yes, but then I didn’t have anything to wish for so just ended up wishing RotK would come out.
43) Laughed until you've cried: Yes.
44) Played Truth or Dare: nope.
45) Watched a sunrise/sunset: Yeah, most morning’s I’m still up at sunrise so I open my curtians and let the sun into the room. They I shove them closed and go to sleep because daytime is evil.
46) Went to the beach at night: nope.
47) Read a book for fun: Yes.
48) Kissed someone: no pashing. Kissed mum on the cheek. Does this count?
49) Are you lonely: No. I’m very rarely lonely.
50) Are you happy: Right now? Yeah, I am.
51) Are you talking to someone online: Nope.

-----------DO YOU BELIEVE IN -----------
53) Love: Yeah, probably. I’m not interested, but yeah it’s there.
52) God/devil: God, never in a million fucking years. Devil? Well, I’m far more inclined that way. I mean, he’s dark, and evil and- I’ll be silent.
55) The Big Bang Theory: yeah, I guess so.
56) Heaven/hell: Nope.
57) Superstitions: Sometimes.
58) Full Name: What the hell? Didn’t I already answer this?
59) Who named you: Mum.
60) Backstreet Boys or N Sync: NEITHER! Yuck.
61) When was the last time you showered: this morning.
62) What was the last thing that you said when u were online: no idea.
63) What is right next to you: hairbrush
64) What is your computer desk made of: wood and some sort of plastic I guess.
65) What was the last thing that you did: wrote this?
66) Where do you plan on living in the future: Ireland next year, and then New Zealand.
7) Where would you want to go on your honeymoon: this would mean getting married, and I’m an Anti-Marriage
68) Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: My NZ girls, I guess
69) How's the weather: sunny. It’s a boooootiful day. sigh. how I long for snow.
70) What did you do yesterday/today: NaNo, shopping, watching Sleepy Hollow and Labyrinth
71) Things that you find attractive about the opposite sex?: Eyes and hands.
72) How do YOU eat an Oreo: I don’t.
73) All time favorite TV show: Buffy. *repeats to self* ‘There was no season 6 and 7, there was no season 6 and 7…’
74) Dream car?: Rav 4. Want.
75) Favorite thing to do: internet, write, friends, music, sleep.
76) favorite subject: English
77) Favorite music: anything but death metal and scary, scary country
78) Favorite sport: none thank you. Hmm, fencing?
79) Favorite food: pasta, chocolate, and my recent obsession for pringles
80) Favorite days of the week: saturday
81) Love or Lust: maybe lust.
82) Do you believe in love at first sight?: not really
83) If you could change your name, what would it be: Something I like? ^_^
84) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope.
85) The most stupid thing you ever done: I can’t pick just one.
86) First Son's name: No sons thank you. The world is already over crowded. But if I did it’d be Jacob, or Elijah. Wow. Hello to last century.
87) Wife/Husband: None. At all. Thank you.
88) First daughter: No children. But I do love girls name and I can’t pick one.
89) Favorite drink: coke
90) You like scary or funny movies: both. I likes all types of movies
91) On the phone or in person: in person, I’m not a phone person
92) Does size matter?: Yes, I mean rotk is gonna be HUGE *grins*
93) If you could change something about yourself, what would it be: Erm, lots. Turn me into Kiera Knightley? Or Eliza Dushku? Or Amber Benson? Are these options?
94) Do you consider cheerleading a sport?: not really
95) Do you have pets: yes.
96) Who sent this survey to you: stole it from Nienna
97) What do you think of this person: She’s funky. Loves Amber Benson and therefore rocks.
98)Time Finished: 3.30pm
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Is be more like me, and be less like you

Am avoiding Queer Eye for the Straight Guy a very lot, and overdosing on Queer as Folk reruns.</i>

I miss Mel's ex-girlfriend. She was cool. Also, when is Justin gonna get a clue? Brian isn't the settling down type. Thank God.

Brian/Michael makes me go wibble. They're always so very close to being together.

Alright. I'm going to go write some Nano. Well, as soon as I finished chatting to phfa that is.
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Perspective is everything...

I’m starting writing since I haven’t done any today. I’m just about to get my heroine into Japan for the sole reason that I can have her in a kimono. So very shallow. I get to write the Kimono Battle: the very first idea I had for my NaNo novel. ’Hmmm, check it out. Kill Bill has Lucy Liu in a Kimono with a sword. I think I’ll base a whole plot on this.’

And I did. Go me.

Also, Stargate started here again tonight. Never been a massive fan, but I do have an issue to raise… Collapse )

Mmmm, anyway have coke, and chocolate, and pringles. Am ready to write ridiculous things. Get to write femmeslashy Eris/Diantha scenes vveeeeery soon. Am happy.

Although, have been hit with the need to write Eomer/Aragorn fics. Because I was watching it and they are both such honeys. Is it wrong to want that hotness twice? I think not. Also, it’s a rare pairing and I must therefore create some more. Sigh. I don’t understand why there is so little of it really. In the book their friendship is quite prominent.

Sigh. I wish I could have more icons. Only three is making me sad. See? *makes sad face.* But I’m not going to buy an account. Too much money for poor little Aussies.

Alright, I’m going off to write now.
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