November 10th, 2003



Muse: I’m booooooorrrrred.

Me: …

Muse: Write soooommmmeeeethhing…

Me: …

Muse: ARGH!

Me: *hums*
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I’m so bloody slack. I haven’t written a thing for three days. Well, except for the plot bunnies that won’t fit anywhere.

phfa : I will write more Evil!Diantha/Luthe. You’re an evil bitch to have given me this plot bunny! At least, I think it was you. Also, Livijah forever! (mwa mwa)

moment_of_sen: Hope your exam went well!

jaguar7482 : Impressed with my extreme procrastination?

nienna_elensar: If you can’t send the Draco/Harry thing, that’s okay. I shall still continue to worship you anyway ^_^ (Actually, kind of literally as Nienna is my fav Valar.)

quaddyangel : Have you seen him since we talked? Oh yeah, Monday right? Well, let me know how it goes!
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Spending far too much time

a) on

b) making femmeslashy wallpapers of Bri/Diantha

c) playing around with Evil!Diantha/Luthe plots

d) wondering why the best couples only happen in fan fics. Xena/Gabrielle, Buffy/Faith, Draco/Harry, Aragorn/Legolas. This makes me pout.

e) Wondering how Jon is STILL on Survivor! Just DIE JON!! TWhy won't you just die??? Ahem.

f) Terrifying family with my amazing X-Men knowledge. It may not be healty for someone who has never read the comics to know everything about them.

g) trying to get a fucking Visa!

h) There is no h.

i) No, there's no i either!

j) Sigh. Not this again.

k) ...
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