November 2nd, 2003



that MAY have been a little frantic. I don't hate it that much. I'm liking it, but I'm not loving it. Okay, I'm breathing and no longer ripping off people's heads.

10,221 words at 1am on 2nd November.

I'll come back to it tommorrow.
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Today I've cleaned my room. And not just the putting things away clean, but the spotless everything in it's place clean. I also went downtown for a while.

And I've written nothing. Sigh. I just can't be bothered getting my heroine past the point she's at. She's just got back from her bf's place and is about to find her father mutilted body. And for some reason this bores me. Yep, i'm bored by the grisley murder.

or maybe I'm just nervous becuase i know that this scenes important. I mean, what she sees in the next few minutes will be a very major part of why she ends up leaving home and treking across the globe.

And I've gotta make sure I write it properlly. It has to be clear that even after all he's done to her, Diantha still cares for her father. She's genuinlly confused about how she feels over his death.

Waah. Babbling and not actully writing.

Okay, I'm going...
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Diantha felt the need for a change of topic. “So, why have I never seen you around before?”

Lyris blew smoke into the air in front of her and watched it make rings. “Been in New Zealand for the last nine years.” She stubbed out the cigarette in a glass ashtray and threw her legs up on the table between the two girls. “I’ve been working with the unicorns there.”

“Unicorns,” Diantha said with slight distaste. “Aren’t they a little…”

“Goody, goody?” Lyris said with a smile, meeting the red head’s eye. “See, you’re thinking of the English Unicorn, which are indeed pure and good and harmless fluffy bunnies. I’m talking about New Zealand Mountain Unicorns. Whole different breed. They’re bigger and the horn is longer.” She smiled as she thought of them. “Vicious little fuckers.” She pulled up her sleeve and revealed a long scar on her arm. “Got gored by one really badly the first year I was there.”

“So, what? You run about the mountain’s chasing evil unicorns?”

I'm developing quite an obsession for unicorns now that this new evilish version has presented itself. I want to go to NZ and work with these unicorns!

Am getting to into my novel...
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