October 29th, 2003




Have spent the day fleshing out scenes in my mind. For some reason I can only focus on the Wibbly bits today. ie. The part where my heroine confronts her mother about her father raping her. Poor Diantha *schnoogles slighlty evil chick*

Am warming up by writting three pages of seriously Angsty Diantha/Luthe. God, will the suffering never end for those two? All they seem to do is suffer. And then snog. But then suffering comes as a result.

My muses are bugging me to write lots of things. It's distracting. (My Muses are Dorian Gray, Cassandra of Troy and one I'm still trying to work out. Darn evil Muses!) Why are they not helping me on my almost completed novel? Cause they're mean!

Have been practising Kimono Battle in my head. Diantha Vs Li Ming. Should be fun. Although, imagary is being annoying. Snow. No Snow. Snow. No Snow. Make up you're bloody mind! I think I'll go with snow, because I have an obsession for it.

Spent an hour telling mum the entire plot of my novel and the history of everyone even remotely related. Huh. It's far more complicated when I explain it outloud…

Sent extremely Wibbly email to Raen about Diantha/Luthe.

Did lots of preperation for Beltane. Wheeeee!

Is it painfully obvious that I'm desperately trying to keep busy? Yep. Cause if I stop doing stuff, then I'll start my NaNo. I'm only just holding back here!

Fingers. Itching. Must. Write.

How can someone so busy be so very bored?

My Main Character

~~ MY Novel is based loosely on Harry Potter. It all started out at a story written between myself and a two friends about the Heirs of the Hogwarts Founders. One from each house. The story went far better than any of us thought it would, and it's reaching the point of addiction.

So, I figured this is what I should write my NaNo about. So, behold:


Name: Diantha Pirotess le Fay/Slytherin

Birthdate: 23 September

Birthplace: London

Height: 127cm

Eyes: grey

Hair: dark red

Ethnic Background: Caucasian/Elvish

Marital Status: single


Residence (Type): Melanthian, her family's manor

Friends: Luthe Hufflepuff, Brisen Ravenclaw, Jacob Myers,

Allies: Severus Snape, Salazar Slytherin, Artemisia Lupus, Josh Gryffindor

Most Significant Other(s): Luthe and Brisen.

Pets: a snake named Thora; two cats: Medusa and Morgan, and a mare called Medea

Languages Spoken: English, Latin, a little bit of French, and a few select phrases in other languages. (usually they're not very nice…)

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Talents: swordplay. He best talent.

Hobbies/Pastimes: reading, fencing with Luthe, taunting Bri

Clothes/Accessories: always elegent. She wears very little jewellery (and then only silver) and hardly ever wears makeup.

Personal Possessions/Toys: Her sword, Nenda, is her most treasured possession.

Any addictions? Beauty in all shapes and forms. Beauty intoxicates her.

Any phobias? Drowning. She drowned during one of the Heirs battles, and Luthe revived her. Has nightmares sometimes that she's back under the surface, and Luthe doesn't pull her out.

Who do they trust and why? She trusts:
Brisen- because of the mental connection between them (They can communicate telepathically), Bri can't lie to her without Diantha knowing.

Luthe- she's not even sure he could lie to her if he wanted to. He's saved her life as well, and Diantha can’t forget that.


Father: Darius Grim le Fay

Mother: Antonia Verity Columba

Parents' Marital Status: happily married

Brothers: - Odysseus le Fay

Sisters: - Amara le Fay (Deceased)


Hands: slender and bony, long fingers

Limbs: long and thinner than she'd like

Complexion/Skin Tone: very pale. A combination of genes and avoiding the sun.

Waist: thin (Again, she'd like to have a little more meat on her.)

Hips: er, bony?

Build: she has a slender build and if she didn't fence then she'd probably look like a stick. But, since she has been a fencer for so long, she looks less skinny and more…elflike.

Distinguishing Marks: some scars from the first huge battle the Heirs had (although, most of them are emotional) a birthmark on the small of her back (it looks very, very black against her pale skin.)

Posture: very good. Learnt to have perfect posture from a very early age

Appearance: She's beautiful. Almost makes up for her vicious, horrible nature. *Almost*


Morals: none. Not, that's a lie. She believes in looking out for yourself, because in the end you’re the only one you can trust. It quick to doubt people affections for her.

Ambitions, Aspirations, Desires: To be the best fencer in the world. To somehow pay back Luthe for saving her, even though she has no idea how.

Major Traits: conceited, calm, sarcastic

Minor Traits: hypocritical, wary

Outstanding Qualities: when push comes to shove she can stand there and fight for the people she cares about. She'd never, ever, ever let anyone harm Luthe or Brisen. Not just because they're friends, but because they are {i}hers.{/i}

Character Flaws/Weaknesses: can be incredibly hatful and spiteful. If you wrong her she will destroy you.

Character Strengths: generous. Maybe not with her emotions, but with her money. She'll give people she loves anything they ever desire. But there aren’t that many people she does love.

Fears, Anxieties, Hangups: knows that everyone will one day leave her. Has a serious thing about blood since she drowned in the stuff, and anytime she sees it now her stomach twists.

Frustrations: she'll never be as smart as Bri, or as loved and loving as Luthe.

Temperament: Cold, seemingly uncaring. The Bitch.

Most Cherished Beliefs/Values: Power is everything.

Heroes: Luthe, because she's watched him in the middle of a battle, and he's braver than he knows.

Handicaps: since the sword stabbed through her right arm, she hasn't been able to fence with it. (Actually, proving her father's ambi-dextrous 'what will you do it battle if you break one of your arms?' idea right.)

Do They See Themselves As A Hero?: not really, she doesn't want that spotlight. She doesn't want to play the hero. She's rather people look at her and fear her. She's happy to play the villian.

Sense Of Humour: very dry and sarcastic

Most Instructive/Meaningful Experience: the battle with Eris and the bringing together of the Heirs. Nothing in her life has ever been so important, and she suspects nothing ever will be more important.

Attitude Toward Their Looks: has used her looks to get what she wants a lot, doesn't know how people survive without being beautiful. It honestly baffles her. But she's slowly come to see the beauty in people she previously thought plain. Brisen has bright, dancing eyes that make her look intelligent and playful. Luthe has the most beautiful smile she's ever seen, even though his teeth aren’t perfect.

Philosophy Of Life (In A Phrase): 'It's not about right, it's not about wrong, it's about power.'
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