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You can't escape the wrath of my heart

I wanna go back to Melbourne and hang out with Lewi and Lara! *pouts* Why must cool people live so ever far away? You two better visit ChCh some day, that's all I can say. Or...I'll pout. Even more. Take that!

I never got around to emailing DramaSoc about getting an audition, because I'm a lazy arse when it comes to things like that. But they did send me an email about Midsummer Night's Dream auditions going on somewhere. And, oh my god, I may have made a small squee at that. (This is the day of squee as I also may have made the same sound when finding out Ville Valo will be singing on the next Cradle of Filth album. squee!)

I haven't updated about anything life-y for a while. *thinks* There was the Almost St Patrick's Day party which started out pretty slow and uninteresting but definitely improved toward the end. Sadly I was so tired that I went home rather early from it. But I managed to flash people on the dance floor so I guess that makes it a good night. (Or something.) Was also called a tease. *runs tongue across lips* Bwaha.

And now I have the feeling that there was something I was meant to remember to do today...

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