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Join PieSoc! We have PIES!

Attended the excitement known as Clubs Day and wandered about the differant tables. Joined up for KAOS & MRS (duh) but also DramaSoc. Ooooh, put my dramatic nature to good use. I am also one of the founding members of HackySoc. Join. Join Now. It's been in existance for at least...*checks clock* four hours. Wow, our club is going strong. You don't have to play Hacky. I don't. It's all very exciting.

Apparently this weekend I'm going camping. So there's the KAOS First Party on Friday and then Saturday morning afternoon, a whole bunch of us- vaguly organised by Ruby- and going to get in cars and drive. We don't know where but we're sure drinking will be involved. (After the driving, of course. We're not stupid. Well, sometimes we are, but not about that.) I'm going to be hungover on this car ride from the party. I just know it.

I'm meant to be cooking dinner tonight *growl* A large amount of not caring is coming over me in relation to cooking.

Unless it's gun-metal coloured cupcakes. They were good.

Someone should buy me a subscription to Suicide Girls so I can have naked Lennon pictures.

I'm really tired.

But I had pie.

Mmm pie.

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