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Hey Nikki!

#8. Review Of "Forsaken" (circe)

Review By: danika hearts RAOK (36)
Review Time: 11-08-02 @ 10:13pm

*rounds of applauses!!!!!* I liked that very very much. it's exactly the kind of stuff that i've been trying to find on this site. do you write any other stuff like that? or know of anyone else who writes it? i wrote something similar, kind of, with angels on earth, 'angel's wrath'. you should go see it. i think it would appeal to you from reading this. let me know what you think. again, this was great!


and then, too a second story: yayyyyyyyy i'm so glad i went straight to your port. i wonder, though, do you have such a low opinion of that catholic (i assume) god as you depict here? i follow the wiccan religion for a while before branching out, but while i did, it was my belief that you respected all religions equally. of course, if it just comes out this way in story, i can understand that, since it's happened to me before as well. so you are australian too? you're the first aussie i've met. i'm from melbourne, just above you!


yyyaayayyayaaa!!!!! what are you talking about, it's not so good? this is great! i love the description of hell. i hope that you bring some of these innovative ideas to my campfire wherever they fit!! no, really i like this and had to give it top marks. umm, yeah, it's great. are you still online? i wanna know why they were acting so evil in those last two sentences!!! what was with that??

And here you were saying that there was nothing left on of our very first meeting! That's the first time you ever spoke to me *glee*

*falls into bed*

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