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Metal Party

Any party where two TVs are thrown out closed windows is a good party in my mind. It's also fun to have people set them on fire afterward. Very metal. Poor James' window.

I was called crazy and dramatic. Regular KAOS party behaviour on my part then. (The word 'slutty' wasn't mentioned but it was probably thought quite a bit.) I also talked to far more people than I usually do at parties. (Also got quite drunk. Ouzo helped alot. I'm pleased that I appear to have no hangover.)

We leave for Australia at 6am tomorrow, so leave here at about 4am which means, meh, I'm so not bothering to sleep. I'll sleep when I'm dead! Sleep when I'm dead! Sleep when I'm deeeeeeeaaaaad! on the plane. (Man, the Metal Party obviously got into my head more than I thought.)

I haven't even started packing yet.
Tags: melbourne, parties

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