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"But every night I burn, but every night I call your name"

Here. You should all listen to Marilyn Manson sing about the Food Pyramid. Because it's brilliance of all sorts. Probably funnier if you saw the episode of Clone High where it came from but whatever. I may have to love this show just because it has cartoon!Manson showing up and really have Manson voice him. Wonderful.

I have to go out to a medieval dinner thing tonight and I'm not even sure where it is. Although it's not even a real medieval thing. It's 'fantasy medieval' Which means we'll get to sit there and pick apart the historical inaccuracies. Fuck, we're dorks. Hopefully it will be fun. Hopefully. Because there are other places I could be tonight seeing it's a Friday night...

She doesn't recall what it is to dream.

What lies beyond her waking world,
where shadows scream in vain?
What ugly truths are hid from her,
while subtle lies remain?

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