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I just wrote a whole post about how life is good and things sometimes turn out just how you like.

Livejournal ate it.

That's ironic, Alanis.

Aaaanyway, minus the long parts of philosophsing and random thoughts- I can't be bothered writing them again- I shall say the only important part: My tattoo is finished being designed. Which means that as soon as the Sassfrog has hers done, we can go get them made all shiny and permenant. Yay us ^_^

I was pondering going to quarterstaff grading tonight because I thought that would be interesting to watch, but I have elsewhere to be. I might show up there afterwards though. See how time goes for that.

Today is a beeeeaaautiful sunny day and usually that wouldn't please me so much but I know of people who thrive in sunlight and so this pleases me now. And it's nice to bask in after all yesterdays rain. *basks*

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