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Dear People Whom I Know In Real Life:

Birthday Drinkies at the Lesbian Flat of Doom

To celebrate Raen's 20th (on the 1st) and my 21st -yea gods!- (on the 9th) there will be a drinkies at our place this Saturday (the 6th). There has been talk of fancy dress (this was Sena's idea) but I don't go in for that sort of crazy thing... But if you want to dress up, feel free ^_^ We're doing a dessert-night-thing so bring along something sweet. And, of course, booze. Cause it's our birthday(s)! Show up at about eight-ish, I suppose. And then leave when you fall down.

Please note Random People Reading This: This is not an open invite People who are wanted there know who they are and have already been invited or will be very soon. Anyone showing up on our doorstep who is unwanted will be turned away. Because I am teh bitch and it's my party. So there.

But for all those people who we want there, I say yay. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die on Saturday we're old ^_^

And now I have finally made this post and I winzors at life.

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