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'Signifigant others'? Just say we were lovers and we'll call it even.

Because sometimes fashion photography shines with it.

Someone told me today about how they'd never get a livejournal even if they had the time because they'd never be trusting enough of people enough to ever write anything real there. This makes me sad.

I need to be less of a drama queen.

I need to get Sena to design my tattoo. Soon.

I need to stop hanging out in the smoker's cafe.


Well, the tattoo one will happen. The other two won't. Speaking of the tattoo: I had words today in the LCR with someone else who has had more than one done. I like people who already have tattoos. They shine.

I'm stuffed full of chocolate from Strawberry Fair and have had a lovely day and evening. There's this whole thing happening recently where I'm not depressed all the time anymore. Wow. Never thought I'd see the day. I'm hoping this feeling will stick around. It's new and pleasant. (But there is the unwanted feeling at the edge of my me that suggests I'm on the edge of slipping back down into badness. Go away little feeling...)

And this week I will cook. And since cooking is a metaphor for my life, the sauce will work for once ^_^

ETA: I rock so much harder than Sena: "...He recognized a Slytherin from their year, a tall black boy with high cheekbones and long, slanting eyes..." (page 137, British edition) *wins* WINS, Sena! bwahaha!!

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