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So yesterday I sat down and turned the TV on to discover the beginnings of the midday movie. I'm bored so I stay and absorb the stupidity. And then a few minutes later the words 'Jubilation Lee' come up one screen and I go 'OMGWTFBBQ???'

Turns out the show was the infamous 'Generation X' movie I'd heard about. It hurt me precious. In so so so many ways. How do they fit so much wrong in one movie? I felt sorry for Emma Frost :( So, yeah, I sat and watched the whole movie as it raped two of my favourite characters. Stupidmovie.

So in the add break I decided to explain to mum exactlly what was wrong with the movie and give an entire history of Jubilee, Emma Frost, and Monet to do so.

Mum: You're obsessed.
Me: I'm not obsessed!
Mum: Ob-sessed.
Me: Not. Obsessed. The movie is wrong!
Mum: And you're obsessed.
Me: I'm not- guh! *leaves room*
Mum: *voice trails down hall* obseeeeeeesseeeed.
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