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ANOTHER convo!

Sena: Oh, you said Bri and Di were gonna face off before she left. What about?? *props self on elbows in an interested manner*

Me: I'm not sure. I think Diantha's just going to rip into her about anything she can. I think it's going to be something seemingly small, but it's just going to blow up. Diantha's not in a good place, and it's just going to turn in a massive 'I hate you!' argument. Why? Err, because then Diantha will be gone and it will lead to...Angst. *grins* I'm trying to think of ideas...

Sena: Maybe Di could think that getting with Remus is a really bad idea, and she could just drop that in somewhere, cos then Bri would get really defensive. Any help?

Me: Yep. I’ll use that. I think Diantha's also upset that Bri's not noticing that she's just dying there. But then, Diantha's not telling anyone this, she just sort of expects Bri to see it. *shakes head* Silly girl!

Sena: D shouldn't just take Bri for granted ya know. ^_^

Me: Yeah, she'll get that. But at the moment she doesn't see that. She just sees that Luthe and Bri are there, you know. And it won't be til she gets over to Japan that she realises how lucky she is to really have them.

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