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My only true accomplishment in the last months is that I've learned to spell 'carcharodontosaurus'


My beautiful handmade-somewhere-near-Nimbin white-with-purple-spots holds-the-whole-world-of-tea-within-it teamug baby! D: IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND NOW IT'S LOST TO ME! LOST! I'm having to use a substitute cup and it feels all wrong. We're going to have a funeral service for it - because Alison is a crazy person - and so it's taunting me with it's broken existence from the kitchen bench. No, it's wrong to blame my baby, it did nothing to deserve such a fate.

I just really liked this teacup, okay. (I've been trying to find more of them every time I go back to Nimbin but while I can find stuff by the same person, I can't find the same cup style. I may have to live without it!)

It's my birthday on Thursday and me and a few friends are going out to have dinner at this place called Burgers & Beers that I've been meaning to go and try since they opened up in the central cities years and years ago. But since the earthquakey times they've reopened somewhere else so we're going to do it. I wish they had kangaroo burger. (My ex-Australian friend and I have been lamenting the lack of kangaroo meat in New Zealand and I don't get it. Why don't they ship it here? It's hardly any distance at all! Is it because of crazy customs laws or nor enough roo farms in Australia to export or because they think kiwis wouldn't want to eat it? I don't know! Whatever it is though, they should fix it. Because then I could have kangaroo steak.)

And I would like to have that steak off these plates. They're on sale! Don't even let me look at them! I love them so much though, look how wonderful they are! (I still want their facehugger too. Oooh, and I want these because they're a useful thing! Oh gods, why am I even looking at ThinkGeek? I love this site so bad but I've never bought anything from it. The postage always seems obscene. I tried to use it to buy a Deloren for a Christmas present a few years back and the postage on the forty dollar car was fifty dollars! THAT'S JUST NOT RIGHT.)

Lara and I keep missing out dinosaur show on Sunday nights and it makes me sad. I could probably find it online somewhere but I could have been watching it for free! Planet Dinosaur - all dinosaur documentary, all the time. (I considered, early this year, the serious career possibility of paleontologist because dinosaurs! and the study of life on earth through the existence of physical evidence! SO SEXY. And I thought, hey, biology and geology have got to be the big ones there and while they're hard, they'd also be doable. So I looked into it but it turns out it's all MATHS! and CHEMISTRY! and PHYSICS! and DID I MENTION MATCHES SPECIFICALLY CALCULUS! So, yeah, I gave up on that. All the fields I've ever been interested in pursuing are so science heavy, which is why they've always remained a mere interest instead of a thing I've actually gone on with. I know myself and I know how much I hate schooling, and schooling that I don't get is even worse.)

I'm feeling sort of tangenty this morning.

Oh, my screen just did it's changey thing. I downloaded this amazing program called f.lux that adjusts your computer display settings at night. Something about the computer screen simulates daylight so it's not great for you to be staring at the pretend sun late into the night etc etc. All I know is that since I've installed it my eyes are a million times happier even in the evenings. It looks weird when it's first installed but now I forget it's on most of the time. But yay for less eye stress!

My daddy was kind enough to send me dentist money which, yay!, means I get to go get these horrid trouble-making teeth removed. I think it's on the 15th of September but they've yet to send me the confirmation details. But I keep doing a little grin of happiness when I remember about it because I'll be pleased to not have to worry about it anymore. I've been putting off getting these teeth out for about four years because of the cost so it's such a relief.

I'm considering getting out of bed to go get some breakfast, but it would require getting out of bed and it's very warm and nice here. And I'd have to face the judgement of my broken cup...
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Look, I remembered to post again!

Last night we had a combined birthday party for Lara and Alison, and I made them a cake. BEHOLD!

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To be fair, Woot made the actual cake itself since I was just doing to make a flat one but he decided 3D was the way to go. I really didn't think it was going to survive - you can't tell but it's on an impressive lean. It was delcious though and you can tell it's meant to be a Tardis so that's all that matters really. (The both of them are big Who fans, obviously. I only like old Who but I liked making the cake!)

Tomorrow (except it's today now because it's gone 5am) I have an appointment with a dental specialist to talk about a wisdom tooth. I need to get it removed but it turns out that the root is wrapped around the nerve or something so the dentist point blank said he wouldn't take it out. Which... fun. The appointment tomorrow is $200 and that's just for an x-ray and the guy telling me what I can do about it. I dread to think how much the actual removal is going to cost. It literally makes me whole body tense up just thinking about it. (The tooth I got pulled the other week only cost me $140 and I honestly almost cried with relief in the dentist chair.)

Money stress! Everyone loves money stress! I am currently earning $30 under what my rent is which is not at all stressful and making me constantly worried - who would worry about such a thing as that! The current reason for my lack of funds is actually a bit ridiculous - it's because I got a job. I was working a temporary typing position and since I'm on a government benefit I had to declare that money. Which would be all fine and dandy but the job paid fortnightly and the benefit pays weekly, and if you don't declare your earnings every week they have to fine you for it. But if I declared it by the week then I would have a week in between where I had no money whatsoever. Fun, right?

But I'm not working that job anymore and hopefully the next one I find will be weekly! (Not that jobs are exactly easy to find right now. Christchurch being earthquake city it's kind of difficult to find jobs unless you're in the construction business. That one is booming!)

It's my birthday in two weeks-ish and Lara made me put together a list of things I wanted that she could pick from. The list turned out to be all books and comic-related things. I'm rather predictable. (If I was her I'd just pick whichever thing was cheapest. I'm not really fussed about getting presents but she enjoys giving them.)

Speaking of comic books, I went to the Armageddon Expo a few weeks back, which is the geeky sci-fi/fantasy/comics/anime etc etc event we have here each year. It's not exactly ComicCon but we're a wee little place so I suppose that's fair. I even made a costume this year

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Am I not the spitting image of Jean Grey? (After she'd eaten all the other X-Men, obviously.)

Further comic book ramblings: CAPTAIN AMERICA 2: WINTER SOLDIER. Holy shit, Winter Soldier SO EXCITE! It was pretty obvious from the first movie that they were going to eventually bring Bucky back and do the whole Winter Soldier in some way, but still I'm excited by the confirmation! All I need is Bucky/Natasha, you guys. IT'S ALL I WANT IN THIS WORLD. Please please please let me have my comic book true loves on screen! I know it's not likely since Avengers was really setting up Black Widow/Hawkeye as the pairing but BLACK WIDOW/WINTER SOLDIER THEY ARE THE MOST BESTEST LOVERS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. (Or, at least, in comics. No comic relationship is better... except for Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew - shh! It's real! Shut up!)

Lara and I are both really excited for Silent Hill 2 as well. In my case I don't know why since I am terrible at horror movies! And having now watched the trailer I have even less doubt of my ability to actually make it through the movie without crying in fear. Terrible at horror movies! Atrocious! And yet... want. We're going to go to the movies to see it: this is a Bad Idea. The last horror movies I saw at the cinema were House on Haunted Hill and Thirteen Ghosts, both of which still sort of haunt my memory to this day. So... yeah... cool.

It's started raining. This means busing to appointment adventures in the rain. Always fun!
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So now that basically everyone has left livejournal, I'm coming back.

I keep thinking about writing here again.

I pretty much left this place after livejournal decided to go crazy with the changing things that didn't need to be changed but the final straw was that time when people were seeing everyone else's private entries. Remember that? Yeah, good times. I pretty much lost all faith in doing anything at all on LJ after that.

The last time I updated this was the 17th of November and it was a trailer for Brave - which I saw a few days ago and it was fucking fantastic.

Hmmm, it's been so long that it's sort of a struggle to get started with anything. But here goes: Things Happen Offline.

Yeah. Got my tooth pulled yesterday since it's been giving me agonizing pain on and off for the last three or four months. I've never had a tooth pulled before and, Jesus Christ, how much of a terrifying experience is that?? Lying there staring up at these people jerking massive fucking pliers around in your mouth! Didn't hurt much but the sound and the visuals are awful.

Tonight everyone is out having fun at the Gothic Vampire Party - I gothed some of them up good and proper - and I hope they come home later much full of booze and fun stories. I am mostly full of painkillers and soft foods but that's okay too.
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It's a post about me feeling sick. Just thrilling, I assure you.

You ever notice how a house always feels and sounds more empty when you know people have gone actually far away for a long time and instead of just them being out at work of whatever? Yeah, the house is like that right now.

Alison and Lara have both gone south to roadtrip to Te Anu. I was supposed to go as well but I am still sick as I have been for the last almost-two weeks. So here I stay to continue sleeping it off. But it's not as bad as it was and I haven't needed to go into the after hours clinic since last Saturday. Which I think is a pretty good score. But my throat hurts less and my body aches less so mostly now I'm just 'general sick' and not 'PLEASE JUST LET ME DIE' sick as I've been.

I'm hoping to get some NaNo done while they're away. This is the first day that my brain has actually felt on to think of anything original and I had decided to start NaNo on the very day that I fell ill. So, yeah, nothing's happened. We'll see how it goes. I realised I haven't written anything original since about 2007. That's just... depressing. I used to think of myself as a writer, but that's kind of bullshit. Anyway, I'll give it a go between bouts of sleeping. Because sleep is my mistress. My sexy sexy mistress who makes my throat die when I wake from her. But still, I love her.
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Oh Jesus Christ, you guys.

So I've been quite sick for the last few days and along with that has come a constant ringing in my ears that is driving me crazy. But I liked the generic ringing much better than the fact that it now sounds like music is happening in another room. I just actually got up to see if someone was awake and playing it. The flatmates are asleep and I was walking around pressing my ear to doors to try and work out where it's coming from.

It's All Along The Watchtower, you guys. You guys, you guys, I'm a really unwell cylon right now. How am I supposed to sleep when guitar solos are going on inside my brain?
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Halloween and quizy things

Friday night was the KAOS Halloween party and I went as The Grudge. It was badarse and there were compliments on the creepy, but alas I don't have any other photos than that one of me creeping at the door of the LFoD.

On Saturday night we did our now annual horror movie Halloween with candy and delicious and scary ourselves silly. The movie selection this year was Mirrors, The Ward, Hide & Seek, and Skeleton Key. (Our warm-up during the week was Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episodes and Scream 4.)

In the middle of all this stuff we had a girly tea-party. Because.

I am 172 centimeters tall.
This makes me taller than 25.1% of men and 85.7% of women.



I was having this discussion yesterday with Lara about how I always think that I'm average height or just below average, probably because most of my friends are at least a half an inch taller than me and because both of my parents are taller. I still wish I was taller though. I feel more like my 'proper' height in a pair of high heels, which is why I don't really like wearing flats. (The 'living with people who skew the average' is the reason I always think of myself as still being flat-chested when I'm a C. I blame living with three girls who were DDs and above.)

Alison is doing NaNo right now, you guys! SHE'S A FOOL!
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So despite the fact that I've given up on Game of Thrones at episode three (for being both too rapey and sort of boring at the same time) I ordered the first book from the library ages ago and it arrived. Figured I'd start reading it even though I didn't expect to like it.

But I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. I mean, I don't think it's really high literature and some of the writing is a bit iffy but it's really readable. You know when you're not sure if you're actually loving a book or just loving how enjoyable and easy it is to read? Yeah, that's how I'm sort of moving through it at the moment. It's not bogging me down with lists of names and centuries of history like a lot of high fantasy tends to do. (Which is, generally, why I avoid high fantasy. UNLESS YOU ARE LORD OF THE RINGS I WON'T READ YOUR LISTS OF NAMES BECAUSE I DON'T CARE. Tolkien has earned that right by stealing my heart, you have not. Oh, and the cliches. The fantasy tropes that we are all sick to death of. Again, I let Lord of the Rings get away with this shit because it's where everyone stole most of it from.)

So, yes, Game of Thrones is - so far, less than half way through - more enjoyable than the TV series and - HALLELUJAH - less filled with rape. This, however, might change. So don't be surprised if my next post looks like this:


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