Let The Poison Spill

Spurt From Your Throat

2 July
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80's metal, 80's rock, a static lullaby, adema, afi, alkaline trio, as hope dies, as i lay dying, at the drive in, audio karate, beauty till death, black sabbath, bleeding through, blonde redhead, bob marley, brahh, brand new, bright eyes, caliban, cheese, chemicals, chevelle, coheed and cambria, coke, columbia, converge, curl up and die, cyberworld, danzig, ddm, deathcab for cutie, die, diecide, dio, donuts, drugs, drunk, evergreen terrace, eyes, falling cycle, felix the house cat, finch, fourthworld, from autumn to ashes, fuck...im stonedddd, funeral for a friend, furniture, glassjaw, green day, green eggs and ham, guitar, guns n roses, half-baked, hammerfall, helloween, hollywood, homegrown, hopesfall, hotels, iced earth, indie, iron maiden, jenna jameson, jennifer love hewitt, jimmy eat world, jungle, justin, korn, kottonmouth kings, ladytron, ludacris, mallory, marc, marilyn manson, mettallica, millencollin, misfits, morrisey, motley crue, music, nights, nofx, norma jean, ozzy, parties, pepper, pictures, poison, punk, rage against the machine, rainbow in the dark, rock n roll, scarface, scarlet, senses fail, sex, sex pistols, shows, singing, skateboarding, slayer, sleater-kinney, stoned, sublime, systemn of a down, taking back sunday, the 4th of july, the anniversary, the bled, the descendents, the early november, the faint, the happy clam, the locust, the moving units, the postal service, the ramones, the rapture, the refused, the smiths, the used, the vandals, thrice, toy machine, tupac, underoath, unearth, wave, weed, wes borland, your mom