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The Fishy Tale

Warning: is slightly fishy

5 June 1990
My salsa is better than any salsa that you will EVER have.

I play Violin... amongst other things.

At precisely 15 minutes and 43 seconds into the last movement of Beethoven's Choral Symphony, I will cry.

Exhibition 2: http://www.royalacademy.org.uk/education/a-level-summer-exhibition-online/a-level-summer-exhibition-online-07/one,1,GAL.html

Music: Bach. Beethoven. Debussy. De-Phazz. Foo Fighters. Steely Dan. St. Germain. UNKLE. Phineas Newborn Jnr. Avishai Cohen. Zero 7. Thomas Newman. Lalo Schifrin.

TV: House MD. The Mighty Boosh. Green Wing. Frasier. Black Books.


Dirty Harry. The Big Sleep.The Shawshank Redemption. A Clockwork Orange.

Cidade de Deus. Les 400 Coups. La Vita É Bella. Les Brodeuses. Indigènes. La Haine.