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Being Engaged makes me smile

27 May
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My name is Josh Kristy. I graduated from Trumbull High in 2000. Though I live in Fairfield i went to Trumbull cause i thought i wanted to be a farmer! lol So i joined the Agriscience there. And my senior year was the vice president of the FFA which at the time stood for Future Farmers of America but now it is just ffa becuase agriscience is so much more than farming but that chapter is finished. After graduation I joined AmeriCorps*NCCC (National Community Civilian Corps) Its a domestic peace corps program. I served in the SouthEast campus in Charelston South Carolina. I We tutored in Schools, did habitat for humanity, did enviromental projects. After a year there i fell in love with Charelston but had to move back home. After deciding that i wanted to be a teacher i decided to do one more Americorps program to ensure i wanted to be a teacher and did americorps*City Year. I served in Philadelphia Pa (My birth place!) I was a 4th grade teachers assistant at McKinley Elementary school in North Philly rough part of town but the things i learned about teaching about the children were amazing! I lived with 5 other people in this house that we trashed! Everyday was a party it was fun but that chapter is now closed. I returned home and worked at the ymca as a full time lifeguard to make some money and started going to Southern Ct State University in January 03. I am currently a head teacher in a pre school, and i love my job. In January of 2005 i began taking classes at Housatonic Community College. And on December 6th 2005 i got engaged!