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words and letters and some .'s - Life Just Is — LiveJournal

Oct. 22nd, 2006 10:17 pm words and letters and some .'s

Wow life moves and moves slow fast at a steady pace really every day is 24 hours every hour is 60 mins every min is 60 secs every sec life moves. Some days its like wow where did the day go sometimes weeks go by and u think wow is oct almost done? Other times it drags its funny u see people u dont no and u judge them u dont mean to u no if they had the nerve to judge u u would flip but regardless judgement happens and in the end it doesnt matter but as i look at my past i think what was all the complaining why all the pain growing up is all i can think of u look at life and want to fast forward through a week or a semester or a meeting or a summer or a date what ever it is but when u fast forward u miss something. my life isnt perfect in the slightest there are a bunch of things i wish were different no doubt but theres a bunch of things i woodnt change as well. friends dont always get along with other friends friends dont always get along with family sometimes people cant get y someone is so precious to someone but the point is let it be unless theres harm but in most likely hood there is no harm just pride. in the end the battle is just with yourself so build a bridge and getover it. i guess its just better seeing the glass half full but more likely its easier to see it half empty oh well. hold the people that r close to u close and all the others well who really cares? but judgment will only hurt u weather ur judgeing or being judged.

my hand hurts.

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