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Life Just Is

Oct. 1st, 2006 11:43 am Woe is me

So this morning I wake up and Tess and Sarah leave for the bridal thingy Gma is at a church something or other and the house is empty. I figure I may as well leave now get Krystal a present and then relax in an empty house 4 a bit. I go to this new toy store on black rock and its tiny! Smaller than small. Picture a suv yeah the store wood fit in one with two parking spots plus a handicapped spot! But i walk in an the cashier is wrapping the ladys peresent so i thought ok well good i guess i can find something here and she can wrap it 4 me... Nope! could not find one thing! So off to Toys R Us and i find the toy but they dont wrap presents. So i think ok tess can wrap it! Nope shes at the bridal show, Gma can wrap it no shes at whatever church thing, my ma can wrap it, Nope shes in Florida! ok Claire can wrap it, nope shes going to a wedding! So defeated i go to duchess for breakfast i make my order i drove up they tell me how much i open my wallet and cash well its extinct in my wallet so i tell the lady with a mustache to stay right there and i drive off to the atm. I get cash but ifeel to dumb to go back to that duchess so i go to the other duchess in town. Now i am home and not sure what i am going to do about the present but i am going to relax and everything will work out.

P.s The rain is gross!

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