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small update - Life Just Is

Feb. 25th, 2006 08:27 am small update

Haven't added anything new in this in awhile so i figured what the heck? Now theres 3 dogs in the house Shiloh Bonzi and Dave's dog who currently doesn't have a name and still the three cats Chewy Bacca and Josie. Its a zoo but it makes it fun! Yesterday me and Tess took the day off just to relax. We fenced in the yard with chicken wire so daves dog cant esacape its a mini pincher. Then we went to see Date movie dumb but exactly what i expected. Then we went to Wendys then we saw the globetrotters at harbor yard then duchess for dinner not a bad friday at all. Today its supposed to snow like 2 inches which is cool cause its pretty yet not enough to shovel its perfect! Tess is still sleeping so im just killing time. I think chris wants to do something today but im not sure so we shall see. Condo search is still going on saw a hot one and saw a dud so 1 for 1. ok thats enough 4 now.


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