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Wow the past 3 Decembers... - Life Just Is — LiveJournal

Feb. 5th, 2006 06:12 am Wow the past 3 Decembers...

Life Just Is - December 7th, 2003

Dec. 7th, 2003 10:34 pm No more SnoW!!!
Today is December 7th 2003. Laura got me the code to start this journal so here goes. Claire has had this journal for awhile but never gave me the code. I guess Laura just loves me more. Or Laura just didn't like my journal as Soccermom and i already forgot the web address to that one some ill get back to you on that one. So today was the digging out day. I woke up in my own bed at home cause jen got stranded at her rents house. I woke up and dug a path through the godforsaken snow to the rabbits chickens and ducks. Then i played Grandtheft auto 3 or something till jen called me to pick her up. After I got her we drove to her apartment which let me tell you in Bpt the figure they plow the main roads and the well if you live on the sideroads it sucks for you! But some1 shoveled her drive we just had to dig her car out. Then we walked to get pizza from marty's Best pizza ever and the greasist! We ate and lounged for awhile. Claire and mike stopped by for a hot second cause claire left some Sacred heart stuff in my car. Then me and jen went back up to her apartment. I played blitz and jen ironed. Then we went and got jen and the mamma ice cream from sunnydaes creepiest place ever but whatever. Then my father plowed the side of jens road so i could park. and then i shoveled out the sidewalk. It ends up the guy across the street sent his two kids to summercamp at the y and knew me and the girl nextdoor to him ann maria or something works at the front desk of the y small world! So i dug her black civic out. the neighbors all made fun of me cause the shovel jen has is the size of a pooper scooper but hey it works! We need to get a better shovel! i used to tease jen that the black civic was her other bestfriend but it ends up to be her girlfriend! just kidding. I hope theres a delay tomorrow so i get more sleep otherwise i need to be at the y at 7 and that sucks! Laura i am so glad u got me a code. Well its just about beddy time. Good night.


p.s My back hurts and i have blisters all over my hands from shoveling and while im bitching i could use some cash too! Have a good night.

p.s.s I see theres an option that i guess i can do more but right now simple is good. kiss keep it simple stupid!
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Life Just Is - December 7th, 2004

Dec. 7th, 2004 12:38 am Life has a funny way of working out...
What a day. So online a week or so i met this girl... Today i came into work to a message on aim with her number and what have you saying call sometime after 5:30. So i took the number down and went on with my day. Dealt with the silly pool people and the day rolled on. Started snowing a parent thought sherman was getting out early come to find out sherman ct was getting out early. Read the whole page parents! So i am at the private school picking up the swim kids and figure i have am in to kill so i left her a message fairly pointless but mostly to say i get out of work basically at 630. So the day goes on the snow quickly became a raining freezing mess. Walked out side and had to scrape the ice off of my car. Drove home chris wanted to go out cause he doesnt have work tomorrow but desided against it cause he was tired. Then my phone rang and it was her. We talked for about a half hour and then i boldly asked if she drank coffee she paused and said yes y and i asked if she wanted to get some she said yes i went and picked her up and off to rap we went. At the coffee house there was this guy matt singing the blues he was really good. we drank coffee chatted about everything and everything and played checkers. She won once and i won once. I feel like we both took off our shields and told each other everything about our selves even the things we arent to proud of and we just have so much in common! Around 1130 drove her home chatted in the car somemore held hands and what a kiss in her driveway.

Chris warns me always about falling to quickly 4 a girl but if i am doing something i put my all in it. if i get hurt greatly then i do but if this is it and i live long and happy then thats good to so the pleasure out weighs the pain. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Life Just Is - December 9th, 2005
Dec. 9th, 2005 03:39 am the engagement!
So on December 6th Tess and I's annivarsery i went to work as always. After work the plan we had was to go to rap for dinner cause thats where we had our first date. But i had even more plans. When i got out of work i went to my favorite florist but they were closed. So i drove thinking which florist i could try next and not wanting to go to a grocery store suddenly a thought went through myy head. i shot home called Tess's dad followed by her m0m to let both of them no what m plans were 4 the night. My plans were i was going to give Tess an engagement ring! Both parents gave me there blessing mom warning not to rush htings. Tess came home from work and off to rap we went. We pull into the parking lot and see a fairly empty parking lot which i thought was a good sign But when we got out there were signs on the door saying they were temporly closed due to a small fire. So we sat outside the coffe house trying to deside what to do next it was like 5 degrees out Tess was freezing, i was contimplating my next move knowing i wanted to ask her there. Because we were sitting outside people were parking and walking over thinking the coffee house was open so i had to tell a few people that they were indeed closed. Finally out got down on one knee and Tess goes " Josh your on my foot" So i moved off her foot and asked her. I gave her my Great Gma's ring that my mom had given me. We then went to outriggers in stratford to eat. After dinner the waitress saw the ring and we got a free desert! After dinner went to my aunt connies house to share the news and toasted with her and then home for the night. Then the night of the 7th we went around to find a new setting 4 the band. The 1st 2 places i wanted to go to were closed so we went to the mall. After looking at rings and getting annoyed at the salesman we left learning u dont get jewelery from the mall. We went into brookstone played for a little and went home annoyed that things didnt go as planned. So the night of the 8th we went to the jewlery place that my boss and tess's g ma and her friend suggested in southport. We brought the maddie who tess babysits for and the place was perfect! Found a ring we loved we both loved for such an excellent price. We pick up the ring slightly before we leave for Texas for the holidays. Tess and i will be in Texxas with her mama for a short stay from the morning of christmas eve till late the day after christmas.

Now its 4am on December 9th and were suppose to get a big snow storm but as of yet nothing has fallen. To be a weatherman what a great job!
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