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Life Just Is

Nov. 24th, 2005 07:52 am Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night me Tess her bro and Justine went to Southport brewery for a few drinks the atmosphere wasnt what i desired so we left to go check out the Field but it was still early and they were still serving dinner so we left and at that point mike and claire were with us so we crossed the street and thought about going to acustic cafe but when the guy told us there was a cover we laughed at him and left to go to chubbies for a bit. it was a good night.

Today is thanksgiving! Ican't believe it.
Me and Tess are going to my parents to celebrate and some of the relatives are stopping in. Get to hear the convicts story of how he got arrested at 16. Should be interesting.

Cats are chasing each other like crazy making it difficult to go back to bed so i may call the mamma to see if she wants to get a bite,

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