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Life Just Is

Nov. 4th, 2005 05:58 am Its so close to 2006 already!

Its Friday! I'm still can't believe its November 4th 2005 already. My family is already planning our Kristymas. Time really does just fly by. I remember this past Summer praying for the summer to just complete cause of all the craziness and now suddenly its like whoa! slow down! Thanksgiving will be here and gone before you can blink Christmas will sneak up and bam its 06! We all need time to smell the flowers sometimes.

Yesterday we got Tess's truck remote start on Tuesday my car gets it. I can't wait! Tuesday is Election and that has snuck up on me but i doubt i will vote cause i really have no clue of whats going on. I pay attention when its a presidental year but other than that its like is one politician really better than another? i guess i dont get the chance to find out but i am quite ok with that! lol

The dogs are getting along great! Bonzi has to get this horrible pill for his underside rash but its working. We have been trying to toss the pill down his throat with a 30 percent sucess rate. Then Tess puts it in peanut butter and its becomes a 90 percent success rate go figure! My myspace has pics of the dogs.

Yesterday was an interesting day at work the boilers were smoking so at 11pm wed they shut down the Y till 2pm Thursday that made for an interesting day! One parent was like we should have a fundraiser to buy u guys a new building! i was like yes indeed!

I think i am hanging out with justine tonight but plans aren't final yet.

Thanksgiving weekend me and tess are trying to figue out how to best spend the time while relaxing and not spending to much loot.

i need to jump in the hsower b4 work so until when ever bye.


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