Josh (_hmm_) wrote,

Today is friday!

So yesterday what a day! Woke up went to work for 7am. Did my thing took kids to school. Then went w/ the mama to the dealership w/ tess's (thats a lot of s's) to drop it off and pick up the loaner. Drove back to tess's for breakfast then to jeff's house. Picked him up and got on the merritt. In front of us maybe a car lengths was a van w/ a ladder on top and next thing we no its a torpedeo flying in the air towards us! luckily it hit the ground and slid to the side b4 n e thing happened and no one was around so we slammed on the brakes and swerved and no problems but ah! Then at work it was a half day 4 the kids so we had them 4 a bit longer. had a few interviews and then had to talk to a parent about there child on the fone for a bit about apprrioate movement! not a fun fone call. then went to claires for a hot second top give her her things for her bday then back to tess's to go top sleep! today is friday and and i couldnt be happier!
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