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Life Just Is

Oct. 20th, 2005 02:52 am get rid of thursdays

Its funny i just read my last live journal enry and now its like 2:57 am 3 more mins!

Well just a small update cause well its early. Another powerball and another losing tickets. =(

Today i have my first summer camp meeting of the year. yes is barely october and the madness begins!

After work tonight taking the truck to hte dealership to see why the service engine light wont go off i expect it to be something stupid or hoping we'll see.

Got a new puppy last saturday. his name is shiloh hes a good dog but hes everything a puppy should be when he wants to play theres no correcting him when he doesnt want to do something its a fight but hes a puppy they say this stage with working w/ the dog will pass. Hes a golden retriever and will be a year in jan. His last owner basicly couldnt afford or have time for him so when he ate a sock they wanted to put him down and my pops convinced em to sign the dog over to him to find a new owner they agreed and i am the new owner.

The upstairs has been done for a bit still needs a slight touch up paint job in places where furniture hit the walls but its a nice get away.

ok my throat hurts back to bed for a little i wish theyd get rid of thursdays and while there at it get rid of tuesdays to!


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