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In the nd if its just us we will be fine no doubt

So its been awhile since the last post. Camp is now over planning for the fall has already been undertaken. Hopefully most if it will be done by tomorrow.

Bathroom upstairs is coming along. The inspector is suppose to be here sometime around 10.

Me and Tess are good, looking for more time together but isnt everyone? My relaxing week from work came exactly a week after hers finsihed. But we get to fall asleep and wake up next to each other so in the end it could be much worse. i can say without a doubt i could not imagine life without this woman. thats a really scary comment. i have liked girlfriends alot even have said the love word a couple times but the feelings no where close to this. when we fight and get so heated in the moment theres still no one in the world id rather be with. i love her.

Friday i htink were doing something fun. thought about 6 flags but tess's back is hurting so we may find a different fun outing we shall see.
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