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The Semi-Weekly Life of....

Harry Potter
31 July
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Hey there, Harry Potter here. I'm finally a 7th year Gryffindor (and we're gonna tear it up at House Cup Finals!) and I'm taking DADA, Potions (although why that greasy git Professor Snape let me in is STILL a mystery) Herbology, Charms and Configuration. I'm screwed when it comes to NEWTS, though, I know it.

I'm the Seeker for the Quiddich team and this is my 7th year and I'm CAPTAIN. Who needs Head Boy when you got that, eh? ... and I like music and art, although I've never cared much for computer generated shit.. anyone can be a mouse jockey. If I can't make it or touch it with my hands then I don't need it. I believe in actual talent, you see.

Well, that's enough.

- H