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Current Music:Radiohead - National Anthem
Time:07:26 pm
Current Mood:aggravatedaggravated
[block Hermione Granger]
Merlin's beard. I can't believe I've got detention again, but luckily I got this new parchment from Fred and George, which lets me input directly into my computer through what looks like a normal piece of parchment. How they managed to integrate muggle technology and magic so seemlessly is beyond me, but it's saving me from this bullshit detention that I don't need. I'm so angry with Hermione right now for giving me this stupid thing, especially when I got it defending her and I can't even tell her.

So two days ago, I was sitting at Gryffindor table trying to mind my own business and reading my potions manual (because Blaise keeps calling me incompetent and it's getting on my nerves), stuffing some chips down my throat when Seamus and Dean flopped down near me, talking about girls, again, like they don't know everyone in this entire castle. Watching from the corner of my eye, I saw Dean point down the table where some more of the 7th year girls were sitting, and I heard Seamus say 'Hermione', and then made... a gesture. So I set down my book and walked over to their end of the table and asked them again what the conversation was about and Seamus said something along the lines about how she's frigid but that he could get her warm...something along those effects. I told him he was lucky that Ron wasn't listening, and he replied that he didn't really care who heard what he thought. I told him that he should keep his perverted thoughts to himself, at least where Hermione was concerned, and he got angry. -really- angry.

[block everyone]
Then he told me if the only reason I was angry was because I couldn't 'hit it' myself, with Hermione or any of the other girls. What the fuck does that mean? ... I mean, I know I'm the world's biggest clod when it comes to girls (I tripped all over myself in potions yesterday, in front of Blaise, no less! auuurgggh) and I HATE that I'm the only virgin left in the boys dorms, but that was NOT the reason I was angry. First off, I don't like Hermione ...that way. Secondly, he has not business talking about the girls here like that - I mean, come on, have a little respect for them - we've known them too long not too. THIRDLY - I don't even know. But that wasn't the reason I was angry.. at least, right up until he said that.

[unblock everyone but Hermione]

So I hopped up and drew my wand, and he drew his and that's right when Hermione jumped in and freaked out all over the place. I think she's having a bad time of it, maybe? SO I have a detention for her honor. I just hope she never finds out.
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Time:12:39 am
[Owl to Ms. Blaise Zabini]

I'm sorry about your shoes - I hope I got the right color, because I don't remember seeing what they looked like before I mutilated them. Don't freak if they look really big, because I ordered self-sizing charm on them and they will form to your feet. Sorry again.

- Harry Potter
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Time:09:42 am
Okay, so I lied - trials did NOT go great. It was raining and FREEZING for August - The players on the team did well, (of course) but I spent the majority of the day sorting through firsties and second years who barely knew how to ride a broom. They all deserved a chance, even if I already knew - and had their chance they did. One tiny little girl could barely lift the bat to try out for beater, and when she tried out for chaser, she lost control of her broom and fell off about a couple hundred meters from the ground. I was already in the air and I barely made it to her in time - I caught her by her ankle, and Hermione managed to throw a levitation spell, because for a little girl she was pretty heavy and she nearly dragged me off my broom as well.

To top it off, I had to spend all the rest of my weekend on my never ending list of essays and reading assignments. I've already got TWO detentions (yeah, thanks Hermione) for this week planned and I know that Snape called dibs on me for one of those, so we'll see what kind of new torture he'll have for me. I'll probably be licking all the cauldrons clean or some shit. [block Hermione] I did manage to sneak down to Hogsmeade (even though I wasn't supposed to.. I know it's dangerous, yadda yadda) because I had to pay a visit to Madam Maulkin's. Managed to pick up a few things for some people at the various stores there, including Weasley's shop - so you'll all just have to wait for the surprises. *snicker*

Oi, I have to go, Ron's waiting for me to go to the Library to work on our potions essay. .. even though I don't see why, because I'm going to fail regardless.

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Subject:Who's House? Run's House!
Time:09:18 am
[x-posted in Gryffindor Common Room]
ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP: Quidditch Trials went great. Thanks to all you guys who came out and gave it your all, and whatnot. The list is as follows:

Seeker: Why, me of course.
Keeper: Ronald Weasley
Beater: Ginvera Weasley
Beater: Jack Sloper
Chaser: Angeline Ruet
Chaser: Andrew Kirke
Chaser: Lavender Brown

Reserves will be notified by owl post in a day of their position on the team. As for my new players, we will be meeting soon to iron out a meeting time. See you soon!
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Time:03:58 pm
Back to Hogwarts again for my 7th and final year. Ha, I didn't actually think I'd make it back here, guys. Hols was horrible - so 17 is adult status here in the Wizarding world, but in the Muggle world I still need a guardian until I'm 18 so it was back to the Dursley's for the entire summer and it sucked.

Speaking of sucking - this first week back has kicked my ass. Why in hell did I let Hermione convince me to take 5 NEWT level classes? So it's Herbology, Potions, Charms, DADA and Configuration for me this year and I'm screwed. McGonagall has already given me a detention and deducted 20 points because I fell asleep in her class on Wednesday because I was sleeping in her class - but it was 8 am and I had been up all night trying to finish some impossible essay for that arsehole Snape; which I will fail regardless. So, I got to scrub out all toilets in Gryffindor (except the ones in the girls dorm .. thank Merlin for small favors) and trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight. Someone should teach you animals to fucking aim. Really, it's sick.

Potions, like I said - it's going to be rough. Hermione's already refused to partner with me, and the rest of the class are Ravenclaws and Slytherins ( none of them will want have anything to do with me) .. with one Hufflepuff who's name I can't remember. I've been studying like mad and I'm still not quite up to speed with the rest of the class. Yesterday I nearly knocked a full cauldron of this Nulicitus potion over and it completely ruined Blaise Zabini's apparently very expensive shoes. Snape called me all sorts of words I can't remember and threw me out of class to keep my 'incompentent fool' self in the library.
I've got detention - again.

So since this week is almost over - I'm announcing trials for this upcoming quiddich season. Saturday, on the pitch, noon. Since none of the players have told me that they will be coming back for sure, the tryouts are completely open for all years. If you have your own broom you should bring it because there aren't going to be enough school brooms for everybody and we'll have to rotate. I'll be posting the sign-up sheet tomorrow in the common room.

- H
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Time:12:27 pm
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Time:10:56 am
I don't fucking care if you all die. Whatever, man. Isnot my fucking fault that Voldedyman picked ME of all fucking wizards around heree... shoulda picked someone else, you bloody wanker!@ because i can't make any of this stop. the castle fucking sucks and asshole is in my head and he wont' stop pounding and he wants in and hermione says to keep fighting but i don't want to fight i just want to give ina nd sleep.

can't even leave my goddamn rooms. i hear all of you talking when i walk through - all lies and bullshit. not a pretty boy little hero - just fucking four-eyed haunted harry. but now i only have two! broke em against the wall. it didn't stop but it the pain was different so that's something. i said i wouldn't do this again but HOW THE FUCK ELSE do you make it go away?

it doesn't go away, that's right. fucking here forever in my head and it HURTS screws and needles in my eye and i'm holding a broken knife and an empty cheap bottle of vodka. stashed it away in case of emergency and this is it because i'm not leaving this place. my place. 'way from all of you. even here i fucking hear all your dirty whispers and i know you're FUCKING LAUGHING, and i know that you're going to be sorry - you're all gonna die. voldey's taking over and i cant' stop it because i tried to fix my glasses but it wouldn't work. i shook my wand at it forever and it just never made a damn sparkle. why won't my magic work?

he thinks its brilliant. he's leeching the life from me right now but i'll make sure i get me first if it comes down to it. voldemort is laughing and it hurts it fucking burns GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!

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Current Music:Interpol - PDA
Time:04:34 pm
Current Mood:crankycranky
So I've come to determine that I can not fix everything at all. I'm not a hero, damnit. The only thing that I am good at is making hte people around me miserable with my attempts to know them - as if by being around real people could make me real and normal also. I'm not really thinking it's working.

I've been just feeling down and ill in all sorts of ways. I've been laid up in my bed for the past few days with some awful stomache cramps. I can't imagine where they are coming from though. Same old Hogwarts food. Who knows, though? It helped a little with my studies, because I got lots of reading done in bed. I guess what hanging out with Hermione does to you.

Oh well, back to painting like a mad-man.

Owl and Package to TaleCollapse )

Owl to BlaiseCollapse )
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Subject:Between and Rock and a Hard Place
Time:10:18 pm
Goddamnit. Why can't the women in my life just get the fuck along? I must have some charm on me that makes everyone around me freak out.
However - I'll admit that it's partially my fault. My fault for not being strong enough to say no to someone I love dearly, and not being strong enough to choose between a friend and a lover.

In other news, I've been miserable. Haven't really been sleeping well and it seems no matter how long I study, my grades keep slipping. That greasy arse Snape stopped me in the hall and informed me that if I didn't raise my grade dramatically that I had no chance of passing the NEWTS again, let alone going on to Auror training. Of course, he didn't say it so nicely, so I informed him of all sorts of things also, but those aren't exactly things that should be repeated on the internet. I got two solid weeks of detention, but I think it was worth it.

I've been eating on Mrs. Weasley's fudge lately, out of some strange craving for chocolate. Maybe I'm having some weird form of male PMS because I've been having horrid cramps and restless nights and all I want to do is munch on the fudge. Gin, tell your mother it's great.

I think that's pretty much it.
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Current Music:Happiness is a Warm Gun - The Beatles
Subject:All I really want to doooooooooo... is baby be friends with you.
Time:09:36 pm
Current Mood:ecstaticecstatic
So you've probably all heard the news. Yes, it's true, and no it's not some stupid publicity stunt, either. I just happen to be extremely lucky to be attached to the lovely Ms. Blaise Zabini. So if you see me grinning like a retard, you know why now. Also, I know how beautiful she is, but please guys, you can stop staring?

...and I think that's it.

oh, and welcome to the world, Cirius!
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[icon] The Semi-Weekly Life of....
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