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The looniest, zaniest, spontaneous, sporadic [entries|friends|calendar]

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[25 Jul 2009|07:44pm]
well i didnt die in chicago, in case anyone was wondering. last year i also visited jamaica, cayman islands, mexico (all cruise) and charlotte, north carolina. and some other amazing things happened. 2008 was cool. 2009 is shit. anyways im now on twitter (twitter.com/alaciuhhh) if anyone uses that thing... and thats it.
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[16 Aug 2008|06:10am]
so nyc shittys thunderstorm delayed all flights out of laguardia airport and i missed the show tonight. which really sucks cuz i Really wanted to see red thread and eunuch. instead i sat on the airport runway for two hours and didnt end up getting to the windy cindy until 9pm and the shows end @10pm. it wasnt all that bad though. i flew first class. thats right. the stewardess kept offering me drinks but im not that kind of lady lol. i did take up the roasted peanuts, fresh towel, fresh choc. chip cookies baked on air and yummy bbq chicken salad though. when we landed i was picked up by the hotel shuttle and they offered us refreshments and made extra sure we're comfortable for the ten minute ride to the hotel. if you are ever visiting chicago and want a unique and cool hotel, i definately recomment aloft chicago ohare hotel. all the bath products are from bliss spa, the room comes with with 42" flat screen tv and free wireless internet, they also have computers with internet access in the lounge you use can use for free, they have nicknames for everything like they are not supposed to say elevator, instead they say lift but its a regular elevator not one of those loft style ones! also recharge=the gym, remix=the lounge, refresh=house keeping. they have screens just like in the airport that lets you know arrivals and departures and you can even print your boarding pass at the hotel. they have a beautful backyard and pool and dont forget the chic wxyz cocktail bar with the dj. right now he is playing pet shop boys so he is okay with me. and they are Always saying aloha, but the hotel is called aloft so i dont know why they keep saying it, either way, i always call a good thing when i see it and aloft chicago ohare is definately a good thing.
its not often that i jump on the bed, and thats exactly what i did when i got my room. its absolutely fabulous. since i missed the show i figured id go downtown and explore some. the hotel has a free shuttle that takes to you to the train station. the nearest subway takes to straight to downtown chicago (the loop). i dont know if its because i live in nyc, but it was very easy to take public transportation here. i didnt get lost once. in fact i even gave someone who lives here directions. anyway i took a stroll through boystown. then trying to find some late night chicago pizza and/or hot dogs but no luck. kinda dissapointing. i ended up going to this diner called hollywood grill where i ordered a turkey sandwich which is apparently a turkey burger. if i would have known that id ordered the club. eh. then i went to this punk bar called exit. they have a really good jukebox and strong long islands which is always a good thing. i met this detective/chicago pd who gave me a ride home. SOMETHING I DO NOT RECCOMMEND. but best believe i got this badge number and licencse plate. he took me to his nearest train station which was only two stops away from my destination. he offered to take me all the way home, but homey dont play that. so i took the train to rosemont then my hotel shuttle picked me up and here i am, about to get some food from the cafe then go to my room.. gotta big day tomorrow. goodnight.
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[15 Aug 2008|01:46pm]
well the funeral wasnt as bad as I thought it was be. my niece is 3 years old. she doesnt really know whats going on. im sure she will have questions later but it seems alot easier to me when youre really young compared to when youve had YEARS growing up with someone and understand life better. so after the funeral, all my family that came went to my brothers house with my brother and i. after everyone left, i stayed and played with my neice until she had to go to bed. then i watched the olympics ceremony with An while my brother had some friends come over. omg it was so weird. one of my brothers friend's roomate who was over went to high school with me and we were in the same grade but i didnt say a word to him. instead i got An to get me a ride home once we saw our ethiopian and vietnam introductions on the olympics.

saturday i flew home and me and steve had a long talk about death and dying and the funeral. i was just about to get ready to go to bed when i checked my email and saw that i bought tickets for the hub city stompers/bigger than thomas show. as soon as we got off the subway i started feeling ill but didnt want to go home because we already in chinatown and i pre-paid my tickets. thats when i became the saddest girl ever to go a ska show.

sunday i just got out of bed to eat something, use the bathroom then slept all day. with all that , i even woke up late for work on monday for the first time.

with no skanking and country fried chicken to cheer me up i figured i could do something better for someone else after work. i ended up volunteering with one brick again making brownies. it was so much fun. i had such a great team. and we ended up making 3 more days worth of meals that planned. after that evening, i got out of my rut.

tuesday after work, steve and i met up at papaya dog for corn doggies and cheese fries, yum. then we walked around the lower east side until our movie started. i took steve to my favorite new bookstore, blue stockings, then we went back to sunshine theater and saw What We Do Is Secret.

did i mention im going to chicago tomorrow for the clitfest? yup.
i almost didnt go because i couldnt find an affordable hotel last minute. surprise. and then yesterday i found this hotel that steve calls hipster hotel at a great price. LESS than what i would pay at a hostel for private room and only ten dollars more than what i would have paid with any of the the sublet responses i got. either way, its the best value because it has free airport shuttle and shuttle to the train station 24hours. and its super awesome looking. k gotta go cabbies here!
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[07 Aug 2008|11:50pm]
life has been just too awesome lately that i just knew something tragic would happen. i knew it.

last friday heather, my brothers girlfriend, mother of my niece tyla, died. my brother, niece and heather were just sitting at a sushi bar and she was complaining of a headache. my brother asked if she wanted to take her food to go since she wasnt eating and she said she would eat some more once her headache went down a bit. and just like that she collapsed. my brother and 3yr old neice were on the ground trying to get her pulse but she had stopped breathing. what really pisses me off was that my brother was on his lunch break and forgotten his phone and no other customers would offer a cell phone or call the police. ((he even said they were comments from customers asking if she was on drugs. and if he hit her. (i believe its possible they were racist and didnt want to assist black man and white woman in need of help?))i understand the cooks/servers might be afraid it was food poisoning but when there is a human being on the floor, someone should help. my brother had to wait ten minutes for the manager to make the call for the helicopter ambulance to come. it was too late ofcourse. heather had died instantly. she had a bran aneurysm at 26years old. this type of aneurysm usually happens with people over the age of 60 with high blood pressure etc. with younger patients its usually because of fatal impact or severe head trauma but this was a rare case. the doctor said she was healthy and described it as lightning stike and we will never know why this happened. it just goes to show that your life can be taken from you at any time. just like that.

the doctors said this would have happened to her no matter what at 1pm that day so we are extremely grateful that my brother ate with them on this lunch break that day. if she had stayed home or was driving with my neice in the car, there could have been an horrible accident and they couldnt both been killed.

ofcourse i didnt find this it out immediately. my week went something like this: thursday was back to the awesome days. i had a great day at work then met up with ben in greenwich village from some drinkies. we went to see this one woman play called feminazi. afterwards we went back to beloved pieces for more drinkies then stumbled into papaya dog for some late night cheese fries before coming home. friday after work i came home to edwin and steve and whippits. we had a great discussion on politics and a mini-history lesson when the munchies hit us. i went into the bedroom to order a pizza then when i hung up i saw my missed calls and the dreaded PLEASE CALL text. i knew something bad happened. i called everyone who called me but they phones were straight to voicemail. so i called my aunt in la and she said that heather "fell in a restaurant" and that she was in a coma. naturally i was shocked but pondered the ways someone could fall in a restaurant and then go into a coma. finally my mom called me back from the hospital and told me that heather was not going to make it and that i needed to come immediately. i texted neo to see if he could get me a ticket and the calls me back half an hour late to tell me im on a flight that leaves in ONE HOUR. edwin leaves. steve helps me pack a bag really quick and calls for car service. the cab arrives in five minutes, i got my backpack, im hugging steve goodbye then he gives me a slice of pizza to eat in the cab. we're on the way to the airport and theres no traffic but my drivers likes to go 35mpr. he speaks NO ENGLISH. then i call steve and ask how to say faster in spanish. so im yelling RAPIDO, POR FAVOR, EMERGENCIA! in the nicest way possible. finally we there, im just in time for boarding then the flight plays penelope for the the in flight movie. the worst!
i land around 12:30am, my phones dead so i call my mom from a pay phone and she got a call from steve with my flight info so shes already there waiting for me. we get to the hospital about 1am. i wasnt sure what to expect when i got there but heathers family had been there all day so most of them were passed out already. so i got to spend five hours in the room with heather alone and her mom sleeping/crying in the chair. anyone we talked the nurse they just had a horrified look in their eyes. they havent seen someone this young just die like that. her pupils were fully dilated and her feet and body were cold. she was on a breathing machine but wasnt breathing on her own at all. after no sign of movement the first 24hours and blood test the doctors pronounced her brain dead, meaning dead. which really she had died at the japanese restaurant before the helicopter ambulance even came. it was really hard for my brother obviously. i will always remember him in the consultation room screaming how much he loved her and how tyla would be raised without her mother. the next night i went home to shower and sleep then came back to the hospital. they made the decision to keep her on life support until her sister came from out of state to visit her. they also made the decision to donate her organs. so after they found a recipient and performed surgery they would then pull the plug. i wasnt there for that part because my brother asked me to be with my niece. she was staying with heathers best friends sister while everyone was in the hospital. i was excited because this was my first time sleeping with my niece or just being with her without her mom and dad at all. i was also nervous because i didnt know if she knew her mom had died and if she was going to talk about it since she was there when it happened! fortunately she didnt mention anything. however, i couldnt find her favorite bottletime cup, pjs, or toothbrush! i didnt want her crying and we couldnt compromise so we had to go to walmart and it was past her bedtime. every.single.time. i go to walmart i see someone i know and its always depressing. as soon as we walk in, i dont see someone i hate though, i see - melissa! as soon as she sees me she screams with joy but then wonders why im in town and whos this girl im holding and why i didnt call her to say i was in town and this it just hits me. tears start rolling down my eyes but before i could let my niece see, i hand her over to my mom and they leave to shop while i tell her and brandon and his boyfriend what happened. it felt comforting to see a good friend and have a talk with her. so the next couple of days i spent at my brothers house taking care of/playing with my niece while my brother and heathers family take care of funeral arrangements. yesterday my brother took my niece to her other grandmothers house so she could visit with her cousins in town and i decided to stay at his house and secretly clean. half and hour later, three of my brothers friends come over and we thoroughly cleaned his house for a couple of hours. one of his friends actually came over with a steam cleaner and did all his carpets. he is so lucky to have such good friends. today i ran some errands with my mom then went shopping for a funeral dress and ended up with a nice black top to wear with my dress pants then came home and ordered a flower spray. tomorrow will probably be the hardest day because i dont think my brother told tyla that her mom has passed. i think she already knows but seeing her mom in a casket has got to be rough. i know for me his was horrifying. i told my mom and brother if they put me in fucking open casket i will be absolutely livid.

today is steves bday. it sucks we cant celebrate together. i had to cancel our dinner reservations for this evening and i got us tickets to see THE GERMS live (with shane west) tomorrow he is going with a friend instead but i wish i could have been there with him. we missed out on 3yr anniversary celebration in june because of my grandmothers funeral. 3 deaths in 3 years. fuck.
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[06 Jul 2008|08:08pm]
so my moms visit was fantastic. probaly the best few days we have spent together in a very long time. i dont think we fought once except for a couple minutes in H&M cuz we were both pretty tired of walking around all day and i havent had a ciggerrette in A WEEK! so yeah that was it. other than that we were like lovebirds holding hands cuddling, laughing all the time.

THURS: i picked my mom up from the airport with the taxi that she made fun of and then went to the apartment and droppped her stuff off before going out to dinner. we went to my new fav mexican restaurant in nyc and had yummy food and drank margaritas together, which is something i have done twice (Drink in front of my mother) for some reason i am really uncomfortable wih this and i totally wasnt going to drink until the waiter said "you were drinking the other night" so i figure i might as well. my mom doesnt care because we are over 21 but i think its kind of like the way my aunt put the fear of god in her children. my brother and i dont drink with our mother. okay during dinner i asked my mom wanted to do in nyc since i was having a really hard time figuring it out. she doesnt care for museums, broadshow, plays, art, etc. and it wasn't her first time in nyc so she has been to times square and shit places like that. so she told me she just wanted to relax, be with me and get a fake gucci purse. there was only one place i could think of that would have fake purses and it was chinatown. we left union square and took the train to canal street and before we even got up the last step, a chinese woman came up to us and asked if he wanted fake handbags. we followed her to a little boutique shop and she took us to a backroom where a man wanted us to follow him to a basement. we were scared shitless but besides that my mom doesnt want to walk down those stairs we left. the first lady asked why we left and i just told them because my mom has a sick leg and cannot walk alot. she took us to another shop where there was another secret backroom and this lady closed the door behind us. there we were in a room full of fake gucci, fendi, chanel, louis voutton and all the satc stuff. it was so hot back there and i was ready to leave with the quickness. after that we just went home. that was easy!

FRI: i woke up early to get my hair done but the owner of the salon who usually does my hair wasnt there yet so i had a new stylist do my hair cuz i didnt want my mom stuck at home waiting. she didnt do such a great job but maybe it was because it was humid out but it didnt last a few hours but i am glad i got a trim. i went back home and my mom wanted to go to macy's so we took the train to 34th st and was there for a couple of hours then i took her to lord & taylors and the same thing. we looked everywhere for a psychic that wasnt closed and none found. tired from walking all day and in the rain we went home. then i found out that one of macy's 4th of july fireworks were being displayed from an unobstructed view along the east river. this meant that we could view spectacular fireworks right in williamsburg. in that case, i got my mom out of bed and we walked to the park where there were only 1,000 already drunk hipsters waiting for the firework display. it was really crowded and the weather sucked but im glad we went because before we went to bed we saw the williamsburg show of fireworks on the news and my mom was telling people on the phone how she saw the macy's 4th of july fireworks with her daughter.

SAT: we took the train to astoria queens to eat some greek food. we walked by several greek restaurants before finding one that wasnt all seafood. the restaurant looked like fine dining so i was shocked to find our bill was only $24, plus the guy gave us free dessert. sweet!

SUN:we went to this cafe down my street and then steve came home from his trip and met us up there then we walked around the neighborhood until my moms taxi came.

i met up with some new friends and saw The Gits documentary film premiere then we went to the delancey for their after party show and vigil with KATHLEEN HANNA. i usually dont post flyers but id like to remember this night always. ...
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[01 Jul 2008|11:38pm]
so a couple of my co-workers invited me to dinner at one of our restaurants after work. we caught a cab and while we were waiting for my co-workers friend, my co-worker simply asked a guy outside if he was going to eat there and if so to ask for a certain manager so he could get a good table. during dinner we were brought out free desserts on the house and then a different server comes over and says 'i dont know who you are or if you have friends in high places but your entire bill is taken care of" and he wants to roll with us. we are surprised ofcourse but automatically assume it was by the manager because he knew we worked at corporate. then the server tells us it was paid by another customer sitting a few tables over. it was the guy from outside. he was puffy, puff daddy, p. diddy, whatever he's calling himself these days, his former assistant and he bought our entire table dinner for practically no reason at all.

just when i was feeling lucky, i realized i had forgotten my keys at home. when i got outside i ring my upstairs neighbor who is this stockbroker asshole. i ask him to let me up and hes like who are you/where do you live. um, we have seen each other before and there are only four apartments in the building so he should know who lives there. he finally comes down to let me up and then i dont want to bother with him so i knock on my other neighbors door. they were smoking pot and listening to hip hop and when i asked if i could climb through their window from the fire escape to my bathroom they were like SURE, OKAY!. they even had to take out their a/c for me, such nice stoners!

and i dont care what the girl from a shot of love 2 said, her ass has implants.

the end.
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[30 Jun 2008|11:37pm]
yesterday couldnt have been more perfect if it were a dream sequence.
pride is like gay new years eve, what a party! the parade was an absolute blast! i loved all the different countries that came out to represent (puerto rico, columbia, taiwan, peru, russia, etc.) learned about some really cool organizations, did you know that the boy scouts of america practices discrimation against gays and atheists/agnostics? also that many native american tribes honor their gay and transgendered family and friends and regard them as high spirited and sacred, using the term "two-spirited" often. so anyway
after the parade we went to this mexican restaurant which i fell in looooove with. i havent been able to find any decent mexican food in nyc until now. the food - service - margaritas - decor, love it! i must go again very soon. they even have an all you can eat night on mondays for only 10.95 and i dont even know of any other buffets in nyc..so after that we walked around christopher st were it just was a big old gay party in the streets. we ended up going to this bar/club called monster. too many long islands later, i found myself singing billy joel at the piano bar. UM, ME SINGING IN PUBLIC SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. thankfully dani found me and took me downstairs to the dancefloor and we danced the night away. there were these really cute french boys dancing with me and i couldnt understand a thing they were saying except "work it girl, work! work! work! work!" oh and i did.

on the way to the train we stopped by papaya dog and i had cheese fries and lifes just the best.

tonight after work i went to a screening for the wackness and then went to a chinese owned dominican restaurant. just few months ago, i wouldve been at home, not leaving the house for daysss, im so happy to be living life again. there was this suicide hotline group in the parade and i was so happy i almost cried because i remember all the years i was depressed and struggled with suicidal tendencies. oh and i almost cried with the gay cops too. im way too damn sentimnetal lately. seriously it needs to stop.

oh i got my pest offense today! i havent seen a mouse since the last time but i can hear them and its not me being paranoid. hopefully they will be long gone from here within the next few days. my mom is coming this weekend!!!!! and rodents in your home is not something you used to in texas. im super excited about my mom coming like im losing sleep over it. this will be her first visit for me. not only that but! she is going to be here when steve gets back from north carolina. ofcourse ive met steves parents, steve has met my mom but NEVER have this particular situation happened before. OUR PARENTS MEETNG EACH OTHER. weird! im thinking my mom can cook some ethiopian food and we have all dinner in the apartment. i cant imagine what the conversation is going to be like. steves family is sooo different from mine. i give him shit about it but i really envy their relationships but anyhow i know his parents will be kind they will just be in for a surprise hehe..
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[28 Jun 2008|08:14pm]
this morning was amazing thanks to a 85yr old writer by the last name of Shapiro.
when i arrived at the center this morning to start delivery meals to homebound seniors, my first question was like what the hell are we/they doing in the upper east side? obviously the residents in the program live in rent-stabilized apartments but the ones i visited today were all in luxurious DOORMAN buildings. everyone was truly kind and gracious but our absolute favorite was ms.shapiro. when she invited my buddy and i to view her garden we couldnt possibly resist. she had The Most Amazing view from her PENTHOUSE balcony. since it was our last delivery we sat and chatted a good while by her garden. AND she had the most gorgeous cat i have even seen. and i am NOT cat person but this cat was fucking huge ( <3 fat cats!) and black and beautiful. she was writing a book about her brother when we came in and she really made OUR day. i hope to see her again.

after that i took a short stroll through central park before calling aster to find out where we were going to meet. she was just about out the door so i told her i would meet her in harlem at the 'party'. it was for her son's 14th birthday and his "friend" from church was there. obviously his girlfriend. at first they were just sitting close but then they got to holding hands and she hand his hand on his leg and all kinds of crazy canoodling was going and everyone saw. aster walked me to the train like she always does and i told her, they are not just friends. she was nervously laughing throughout the party and couldnt believe they were doing that in front of everyone. i told her she needs not to leave them alone and have a talk with him. i really love aster. i love how even though she is my family, we are more like friends. she talks me about her personal relationships and just tons of things my family and i dont discuss. like HIV/AIDS and death and how ethiopians just dont wanna talk about it. its crazy. we need to talk and SPEAK UP. anyways i really appreciated our friendship. some people think its weird because we have a twenty-something age difference but thats just dumb.

what else is dumb is dykes on the sidelines watching the dyke march go by. ITS A MARCH, NOT A PARADE. other than that, it was really fun and interesting marching with several thousand queer ladies including the top-free ones IN THE POURING RAIN hehe. i got teary-eyed when we got to gayborhood because all the menz were hanging flags and banners and cheering from the balconies, well everyone on the street was cheering, but when they did it really got to me. but anyway. i cant believe i walked from bryant park to washington square park. thats the most blocks ive walked in manhattan so far. im the type of person who will take two trains instead of walking a few stops or crosstown. so im glad today i broke the lazy cycle for something well worth it. well heres a short video i found on youtube.
check out those radical cheerleaders
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i have been so FREAKIN BUSY!!! ive actually been wanting to update this thing because june 2008 will be remembered for me but between working, finding a second/part-time job, volunteering, starting a lil diy home-based business, preparing for steve to leave/my mom to come, i havent had a break.

the past two weeks have been like a new york minute. especially with my co-worker being on vacation (we are a team of 3 so the work load has been extra heavy for me and my boss the past week and a half) for example, yesterday i had to finish this huge project by myself, then on my lunch break i took the subway to to the upper west side for a spa party so i can get my eyebrows done for free, scarfed some of their appetizers while waiting, then went to the post office then back to work. steve and i went to an ethiopian restaurant after work for our last dinner before he leaves for a week. we went home, cleaned the kitchen together (1/3 of the apartment) then watched twin peaks and went to sleep. today i felt like i couldve worked another 9 hours but i had to leave early because they didnt want me getting over time again so i went home and did laundry and started checking my emails THEN all of a sudden.. i catch glimpse of a mouse run by in the next room. AND THEN he came back with not one but TWO of his friends/family and they start playing. they looked like they were wrestling just like two dogs would, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY LIVING ROOM!! i shout at them NOOOO like they can understand then jump right on the bed. i call an exterminator and he tells me he can come but all hes going to do is put down a whole bunch of stuff that i already have and doesnt work. then dani calls me and invites me to gay bar hop and i tell him i cant because im standing on my bed because they are mice in my apartment and hes like "they are more scared of you then you are of them, come to the bar and ill buy you a drink" then i have to explain to him that i cant go to to the bar because i cant leave my bedrooooooom and hang up. steve comes home and feels terrible that they day he leaves, mice are running around. he actually saw one the other day but we didnt believe him because were were smoking hindu kush and figured he was just being paranoid. so he ordered another pestoffense which only comes with priority delivery so i have to wait until then. i actually think i heard them leave through the walls abd thats how im writing this here but i cant stop thinking about how they were playing right in front of me like no big deal. i dont want to use mouse traps/poison because i dont want them to die (i just dont want them here!!) and it doesnt even work anyway. these mice dont take the cheese, and one actually got stuck in the sticky trap and got out and i know this because his hair was all over it. the only thing that works is pest offense which messes with their brains and tells them not to come. i just talked to the pest offense guy for ten minutes on the phone about how I CANT WAIT TIL IT COMES!!! and he gave me all kinds of advice and basically if you ever have a roden problem and want to take care of it in a environmentally safe way use the link above cuz im all about promoing good shit. plus they are really sweet southern people even though the picture of their kids on the page kinda creeps me out!

so tomorrow ill be doing meals on heels at the center for aging which is basically like meals on wheels except we are on foot which makes sense because we are in the city. its going to be great excercise and ill try not to get all choked up as some of the elderly people recieve few if any visitors. after that i have to stop by an ethiopian birthday party in harlem THEN later in the afternoon its time for some gay pride as ill be attending the dyke march at bryant park and sunday with the other over 1.5million people celebrating LGBT Pride all over manhattan.

i have alot more to update about but im still thinking of the mice i saw so im going to hide in my room for the rest of the night.

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[03 Jun 2008|07:31pm]
my grandmother just died. i dont know why i dont feel. i am just numb.

she was my only grandparent that i knew grewing up. my only living grandparent alive now is dead to me. now i leave this entry with tags including things that remind me of my grandmother.

ps/did i ever tell you my father wanted to name me after my grandmother and my mom (thankfully) absolutely refused.

rip dorothy furlow <3
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GET YO HAIR DID FOR FREE [28 May 2008|07:41pm]
so recently i found a new part of craigslist ive never seen before. its called the FREE section where you can find people giving away just about anything, in that i found an ad for a spa party. it was for a salon giving away free facials, eyebrow waxes, blowouts, etc. so ofcourse i went and the salon was really nice and there was even snacks. so anyway i got the Best blowout ever. the best part about it was he didnt even use a flat iron and it was just as straight. and the funny thing is, jose, who gave me my blowout, had so much fun doing it. he said he felt like he was in washington heights with all the steam from the dryer. apparently they dont get any colour in the salon...also! he showed me a way to wear my bangs that i never thought of/no one cared to consider to show me. so i really really want to go back to jose when i can afford him! SO ANYWAY, theres also a section in craigslist under services titled beauty and you can get free/really cheap color,cut,blowout, any needs you want on there from licensed professionals. most of the ones in nyc are from top salons too. i thought going to beauty schools was the trick but no BEING A HAIR MODEL is. today i picked up L magazine and i signed up through bumble&bumble but i have a feeling that might never happen so i looked at the beauty services section and guess whos getting a blowout at a fancy schmancy upper east side salon tomorrow! i wouldnt go as far as getting a color or cut by someone i dont know but a blowout is mandatory especially with this rainy/humid weather everday, and its a great way to save money. last month i spent money on my hair instead of my gas bill.oops! sooooooooo if you want to get your hair did for free or really really cheap by someone who knows what their doing but just taking advanced classes or needs a hair model, do do do it.

so thats the highlight of my week so far.. until tomorrow's LOST. then friday til satc the movie. then two weeks for when lynsy comes.
things to look forward to, yes!
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[24 May 2008|03:00pm]
there is this rooftop party directly across the street from me and they have been playing really bad dance music, like the kind of those phone dating commericials. everyone is old and wearing white and there isnt even alot of people up there. why do you need a dj for less than ten people. this should not be happening on montrose avenue. not even williamsburg. or bushwick. they need to take that to the hamptons or somewhere else. ugh

im still sore from bustin moves last night. i met up with dani for a lil gay dive bar hop. we started off at nowhere bar then checked out phoenix and spent time in the boiler room before i could convince him to go to pyramid club for gay 80s night. as soon as we stepped inside they were playing dani's fav song so it was a hit and definately have a new pyramid buddy. we danced on stage until dani had to leave to be at work the next morning. afterwards i found myself in a particular situation. somehow the only straight guy there, a former bouncer of the club, was dancing with me. i tried to be nice but after the first twirl i had to say OKAY IM GOING TO DANCE BY MYSELF RIGHT NOW..I REALLY LIKE DANCING WITH MYSELF... REALLY..i would dance around the room and he would be right there. finally i did the whole 'im going to the bathroom' when i didnt have to go the bathroom and i found myself having an in-depth conversation with a lesbian sniffing cocaine locked in the bathroom. after we came out, he was still there waiting for me. then i went outside for a smoke and who comes out! GUY. i told him i was texting my boyfriend and that he might come up to the club later. an absolute lie. but he finally stopped bothering me so hey. i ended up dancing all night and even got involved in a vogue battle. then i spent my last dollars on a cab home cuz my tired ass couldnt make it to the station. it was all very 80s indeed.

so far the new job has been treating me good. everyones really nice and professional and not ghetto like old jobs. im not going to talk about work on here so much because everytime i have in the past, i ended up liking my job at first then it turned sour bad. and i have steve to talk about work everyday to anyway. what i can say right now is I look forward to coming to work everyday and I haven't felt that way in a long time.

i went to this house show last week to check out this all-female brooklyn based punk band carnal knowledge to find out two of the other bands playing included riotgrrrl pioneers. love or perish with molly neuman(ex-bratmobile) and the old haunts with tobi vail(ex-bikini kill)
all the bands were pretty good live along with bear proof suit
and the measure (sa)

tonight im going to see X then head on over to boulevard tavern for some bbq at the skinhead reggae party

k bye
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[13 May 2008|12:50am]
i just watched a foreign horror film that had me balling my eyes out. i dropped about ten tears throughout until the last ten minutes had me crying like a baby. Orfanato, El (the orphanage)

other than a really good cry, ive had some pretty good days the past few ones. today was my first day at my new job. its my first time being an official receptionist/administrative assistant as well. i was surprised today i wasnt just sitting beside someone watching along, they put me straight to work hands on as soon as i got there which is really good before my nerves take over me. so everyone is really nice so far and i like being in a new area of the city. i work in soho and im just a few blocks from generation records so i can go record shopping on my lunch break even. which could be potentially dangerous so im going to avoid that route at least until my second paycheck. yesterday i walked around tompkins square park and met up with dani at rays pizza. then we went to trash and i got new pants FINALLY. if you have seen me anytime since october, so six months, you have seen me in the same purple pants cuz theyre my only pair that fit and i wear everyday but no more! theyre unwearable now and i finally got the scrilla with matching size so black is back. okay so after that , daniel met up with us and we went to cold stone creamery then walked around the street fairs and then through washington square park. somehow we ended up at Gay St. again so we stepped inside pieces and its bingo night! i couldnt resist so we had some cocktails and played bingo then i went home. saturday i worked as a temp at the american museum of natural history. i was hoping for some night of the museum action but i got the coat room instead. friday night i invited steve to the theatrical premiere for poultrygeist:chicken of the dead. it was shown in the biggest screen in the movie theater and it was PACKED. lloyd kaufman and the cast were there for Q&A and they had tons of memorabilia for sale and an afterparty at a les bar but we had no more money and the experience was fun enough, plus i had to work in the morning so we went home. so thats it.

except that im totally neurotic and i have to update since my last update .. so heres a recap of fun and interesting things that have happened, mainly finally getting things crossed off my "things to do in ny" list:

- went to a mets gameCollapse )
- went to an off-broadway show called naked boys singingCollapse )
- quit my jobCollapse )
- spent the next ten business going on job interviews every day
- spent a couple hours in central park people watchingCollapse )

- bumped into two reality starsCollapse )
- fancy dinnerCollapse )

and the rest of past month spent watching way too much tv (obviously) and movies like im getting paid for it.
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holy crap! dare i say it... [02 May 2008|02:40pm]
did bush actually just do me a favor? well i heard the news, got the letter in the mail, but didnt believe until today, i just checked my bank account and did in fact recieve my tax rebate, bringing my account balance back to four digits where it should be

so to my fellow taxpayers, you should recieve $600 soon and if youre a couple with kids, make that $1200

Rebate delivery schedule
Direct-deposit payment All sent by May 2
Paper check
If the last two digits of your Social Security number are: Your tax rebate check should be in the mail by:
00-09 May 9
10-18 May 23
19-25 May 30
26-38 June 6
39-51 June 13
52-63 June 20
64-75 June 27
76-87 July 4
88-99 July 11
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work shmerk [08 Apr 2008|01:51pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

im at work trying not to fall asleep. theyre actually really busy at the counter but im not haaaa. so i have a job interview in a couple of hours. it was one of the few jobs that i applied to that didnt list the pay but im pretty sure its more than this one so if i get it *crosses fingers* then im leaving. if not, i guess im good here. i dont work weekends and get along with everyone well and they give me much respect in this all-male enviroment. but i know ill leave eventually due to pay anyway. plus!
i have a super crush on my bossCollapse )

so yeah! hopefully the interview will go well, even though everyone is really nice to me at the shop, and walking home is kinda cool, money talks! and im broke, so im listening.

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fuck an area code [06 Apr 2008|12:18am]
[ mood | excited ]

last night steve coughed up the dough so we could go to the blanks 77 and anti-nowhere league show. i got pretty tipsy and im a friendly drunk so i didnt realize it until today but there was some bitchassness last night. for example, i met this guy from texas last night outside the show who now lives on the east coast. anyways he came up to me because i was wearing my "dont mess with texas" shirt and we find out we're both from dallas then says something like, 'thats not 212" when i told him i was raised in garland. then i told him my old cell was 212 and that i actually lived in dallas as a small child and young adult but my point is WHAT THE FUCK, DONT COME OVER AND TALK TO ME AS A FELLOW TEXAN AND BRING YOUR DALLAS PRETENTIOUS ATTITUDE!!! 214,972,469,817 who gives a fuck. we are 1500miles away enjoying ourselves at a show dont be a douche.

so right after the show, ken's friend picked us up and took us to an art party in long island city. i dont remember much but i found a few pictures i apparently took from my cell phone so lets see...Collapse )

there was also this huge pot filled with jellybeans which was pretty awesome but i dont have a picture of that. overall good times were had. which is pretty wild considering i usually freak when i hear the word 'party'.

ps/eryka went to dallas and has a layover at jfk so tommorrow im going to meet her there and im super stoked because i havent see her in a couple years and its totally worth the four dollars im gathering up from my change to see her because IT JUST IS.

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im actually writing in this thing?! [27 Mar 2008|06:19pm]
last night i met up with alex, ben and david at the upright citizens brigade theater for two all female performances. this was my first time at this comedy club or any of that matter, and ill be sure to go again. what makes this club so special is that its CHEAP! and there are no drink minimums and the performers are great. okay so after that we went to a bar called pieces for some pictionary and drinks. it was right on the corner of christopher street and GAY STREET, and i just learned that gay street was named after a landlord having nothing to do with the sexuality of the denizens. so it was super fun anyway. and well deserved because i spent The Entire Day running around manhattan for job interviews and guess what, i got a job! starts tomorrow at 7am. sheesh! the pay is probaly the lowest ive had in three years and i have start waking up the time ive been going to bed lately but hey its a job! and the best part of it, besides it starting immediately, is that i can walk to work. good thing because yesterday i had to freeze my gym membership because im broke. i could have used my five dollars to go to 45 adapters debut show tonight but i need to money to get to work and for lunch. ugh. i cant wait to get my first paycheck, or at least my check next wed. from temping this week. k bye

ps/what the hell is going down in mexico these days?

anti-emo riots from punx!?!!?

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quick post [25 Mar 2008|10:40pm]
omg i cannot believe how much money i just got from my so-called chump change. today i went to the bank to get free coin rolls to cash in our piggybank and we just finished rolling up and its over $70. i did a happy dance for about 10minutes straight and then steve had to stop me.

okay so my mom told me awhile ago that i need to go out once a week or start trying new things and i agree. for the past couple of weeks i have managed to try one new thing a week and it has been interestingggg. i went to madison square garden for the first time. i cant believe my first big time live sports competition was gymnastics. the ethiopian soccer tournament is pretty much only a big deal to us ethios but this was tysons american cup and it was on television and all that stuff. anyways it was fun! last saturday i went to websters hall, only because the show i was going to was there, no other reason, believe me. best line of the night was from dani when me and his friend moved up, he goes "why are we getting closer, THEYRE JUST DJS" we had a good time, even though you couldnt stand still for a second if you wanted to; since when did people stop dancing and just jump instead??

anyways ive seen some really great peformances in the past month from henry rollins to english beat to bad manners, caught some local bands for the first time (kissy kamikaze, razorblade handgrenade, blackout shoppers

current crushes: jason castro, ryan reynolds, paul rudd, david krumholtz and joseph gorden-levitt
its my columbian, canadian, jewish love affair

movies of the week: shortbus and gypsy 83
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today is international pillow fight day [22 Mar 2008|12:19pm]
theres only one reason im up this early and its for a massive pillow fight

heres footage from the first and second nyc pillow fight and when i find this years ill be sure to post it as well

nyc isnt the only place havin this kind of fun; if you live in cities like
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Copenhagen, Denver, Dublin, Houston, Huntsville, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Paris, Portland, Roanoke, Seattle, Shanghai, Stockholm, Sydney and others, you can too! check it out
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puh-lease [20 Mar 2008|11:23pm]
does anyone know of any selling communities on lj like/besides punkmart? it is taking them a million years to approve my membership and wtf is up with that anyway???? i need money now! i dont have time for that. i found a few others but either nobody posts/buys anything or it has like thirteen members.

and no i cant put anything up on ebay because i dont have the fifteen cents or whatever they charge these days to list

so anyway let me know!
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