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challenge & support

I [heart] Student Development

6/16/05 09:19 pm - Peep ME

Did you know that PEEPS are made right here in this town??? Damn if that isn't a reason to move here!

6/2/05 09:05 pm - So long...

I am thankful for the boy who out grew you for hockey. If this had never happened you would have never ended up our used ferret. Gosh, you were the best. Never even lightly munching on fingers or even opening your mouth unless for some treats or peanut butter. You set the standards for pets and belive me, none will ever be like you. You presence in our lives is proof that my spontaneity can result in years of happiness.

5/31/05 06:05 pm - Memorize

Ozzie told me a poem today about how onlookers should not be able to tell if you are playing or working. I need to find that poem.

5/30/05 12:28 am - Musk

Sometimes I smell your perfume, musk. It's odd when others can smell it as well.

4 years of treatment. 4 years since you went away. You would have been 79 just 4 days ago.

This Pink Ribbon Epidemic needs a cure.

5/25/05 08:57 pm - I work here...

My time at work passes quite quickly. I am enjoying all my meetings and projects, it is going great! Yesterday I went checking on about 40 apartment violations. It was pretty cool. Everyday had had various meetings and today I started my assessment project. Went to dinner with the RCL's and other staff members, it was great to see everyone on a social level and get to laugh at their stories. I can already start feeling who I think will end up being my pals which is awesome. There is a grad that works in my office as well and she is really cool too...so much more to say...

I am beat. Of to watch tube!

5/23/05 10:30 pm - Day one!

First days have always been exciting for me but today was unlike any other. Everyone in the office was so wonderful and so welcoming. It is easy to see why the past interns have enjoyed their time here, even some accepting the jobs offered to them near their graduation. My meeting with Ozzie was fantastic. It was a bit of an orientation with a big ol' list of projects to do this summer. I am supper excited to get some experience with assessment and of course all the meetings with all the professional folks here. There are many opportunities coming my way and I am very excited to see where this goes. Chris, another supervisor also showed me some res halls and David the director took me around a bit today as well. Today was move in for summer school and boy was it crazy! Many people came into the office demanding to know why their son or daughter did not get a single room and practically thought the staff was lying when they told them there was no room. It was crazy! My office is nice, with a brand new computer! I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to stock up my desk with new office supplies, I love office supplies!

It was a fantastic day and I look forward to my internship this summer! Oh...I also meet Susan an alum from my program!

5/22/05 07:32 pm - Follow the Star to Bethlehem....

Really the signs say that! And believe me you, there is a big ass star on top of the hill! Just incase you can't remember where you are. There are some really cool sights here that I will need to remember for my next project. On the side of a building there is a real old pained Sealy ad with a gal in a pink nightie, it is from the 50's and rocks! On one of the bridges here the is also a kick ass sign that Nate pointed out. I will need to get a pic of that all light up some night.

This is the mass email I sent out to everyone today:

So far, so great! I flew in to Bethlehem on Thursday and my supervisor, Ozzie picked Lyle and me up from the airport. Ozzie is so nice and it was great to finally put a face to a name. He gave us the tour of this beautiful historical campus. This campus is straight out of a movie! The buildings are so old and gigantic. We drove past many places where they are working on replacing the multimillion dollar SLATE roofs. Really I do not even know what building to describe first, they are all beautiful. This campus is amazing! We stopped a few places to get things done like getting my first Staff/Faculty ID and then off to my new apartment. Let me tell you, the security around here is like no where I have been before. If you hold the door open for more than 18 seconds an alarm goes off! Plus all apartment doors lock when you shut them, I bet many individuals get locked out quite frequently. My apartment is on the 4th floor of a beautiful building that is in their campus square. It is a very nice apartment with all the fixings. Ozzie made sure I had everything when I got here, cutting boards, gourmet fruit basket, microwave, TV, bottled water, you name it and they supplied it. Lyle had the luxury of unwrapping everything and putting it into its place. From my living room window you can see one of the oldest steel mills, at first I thought Lyle was crazy to think it was so cool but after hearing everyone here talk with so much love for the old stacks I started to appreciate them a bit more. Then tonight when the sun was setting and I looked over to the stacks it was beautiful. Also from my windows if you look directly down it is the campus square where many students hang out, quite similar to the union in Madison.

The past couple days Lyle and I have gone all over this town. Bethlehem is split up by a river. Lehigh University (1865) is on the south side which seems to be a bit artsy and has really cool shops. Like I said before Lehigh is beautiful and is built into a hill. There are steps everywhere on this campus, yuck! The bricks of the buildings and all the ivy is amazing. This campus is a real treasure. On the north side is the Moravian College (6th oldest college in the US, 1742) and of course all the historical sidewalks, fountains, and buildings that are many firsts for our nation. When walking on the north side you feel like you are back in time. The colonial buildings over there are amazing and date back to even before our nation was born. There are historical landmark signs every five feet it feels like with things like "treaty was signed here" or "Washington frequently drank at this bar". It is really cool, if you have ever been to Boston it is somewhat similar only like I said many firsts.

Lyle and I wandered all over this town stopping at my place of work (got to see my new office) and for a movie (Star Wars) and then meet up with an old friend of ours Nate. We explored the outer cities (Allentown and Easton) with the help of Nate, who has lived in the area for about a year now. Oh, one highlight of visiting Easton, PA was going to the Crayola store and seeing Nate's artwork on new crayon boxes and then going out for Thai food at one of Nate's favorite restaurants. Nate also spent the night with us here in Bethlehem where we spent some time reminiscing about Northern and all our friends (we decided we need a reunion).

Interesting enough when Lyle and I first got here we found a robin egg and Lyle mentioned he had never seen a young, small robin. I told him thats because they don't look like robins when they are still little. Well last night walking in Easton Nate pointed out a fat baby robin hiding in the iris hopping around yet still to little to fly. It just seemed to perfect of a coincidence.

11/30/04 10:34 pm - Dave Bonsell

This morning I had an hour-long conversation with the head of Student Activities from my alma mater it was inspiring and nostalgic. Dave Bonsell graduated from NMU and has worked in Student Activities for around 30 years. I have always been really fond of Dave, actually in an idol/mentor way. If you were to ask me who do you want to be, I would say Dave Bonsell! The funny thing is I know so many people who would say the same thing.

Dave is genuine to all the students he works with and you can tell he puts his heart into everything. By being involved in extracurricular activities at NMU I was able to always have contact with Dave. Now that I am not at college there anymore I miss seeing him not because there are not knowledgeable, caring people here but I just miss his presence. I feel like Dave did not have to say anything to anyone and you still knew he was rooting you on and wishing for your success. I hope that I too have students one day that think of me in the same way.

11/29/04 05:23 pm - Apportionment

I went to the apportionment meeting tonight with Larry. It was interesting to watch and listen to the members talk about financial priorities and how they planned to defend their decisions about the one shots. I think for an undergrad working with the apportionments must be a great opportunity but also a hard one for telling organizations they cannot have the money that they feel they need. I am not fully sure but I do believe their funding got cut for 200,000 to 110,000 or so I thought I heard and that makes a big difference. It was a good learning experience to go to the meeting tonight.

11/28/04 10:16 pm - Count down

Awww, I have class tomorrow! Na, I am ready to get this on with and go home to my mom up North for the holiday. I am actually excited to go and do some research in Madison in January at all their libraries on whatever I choose to look up or to just read something for FUN. I now realize I have 4 papers, 2 oral presentations and then finals….the count down has begun.
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