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July 20th, 2005]
okay i got a new journal.


so add me there. its a friends only but i havent made a banner yet. so i think im going to do that now. okay bye.

July 18th, 2005]

come and join.

July 18th, 2005]
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July 5th, 2005]
hey well anyways. yesterday i got up and got ready cameup to my aunts and since morgan wasnt here me and brit walked over to kevs. than me brit and kev went swimming. than we called rob and asked him if he wanted to go to the fireworks. than rob got there we waited for kev to get ready. than we walked over to my aunt connies. than went to the fireworks in berlin. me britt kev and rob hung out and sat on some dirt hill. than we watched the fireworks and shit. they werent to goood. than we left and took kev and rob back to kevs. than i went home and talked to rob on the phone for like 3 hours. then i played yatzee with my little sister and cuz. than i went to bed. than rob called me at like 1:15 today and woke me up so like half hour l8r i called him back and we talked for a bit than we hung up. than i went got a shower and shit. now im up my aunts. just chillin and watching you got served. well yeah im out. <3 lexi

July 3rd, 2005]
hey. well today was a pretty good day. well i woke up at around 1. got ready to go to mygmoms 70th suprise bday party. than we went it was pretty boring. she was like hardcore surprised. and than me brit and my little sista left adn i came home and slept for a bit than brit got me up at 7 and i got ready to go and see the fireworks. than we picked up dan. than went to kates to meet up wiht her tori and ted. than we walked over to the donio. found a place. than me ted tori and kate walked around a bit. than we went and sat back down and than we waited like half an hour for them to start. they were pretty good.when they were over we walked back to kates than we sat there for like 20 minutes adn talked than me brit and dan went to mc donalds. than we dropped dan off came home and i talked to rob on the phone for like 2 hours. some good shit. and brit always finds out abuot everything! cause kev likes to ease drop. and i just sat in the middle of the street talked to rob adn watch the two boys across the strett and. these 3 black kids come riding their bikes up i guess to buy some pot off the kids across the street so i just said hello to them. and when they were leaving i said bye and told them to have a good day. haha. well anyways im off to bed to talk to britt and shit. iight right more tomorrow. <3 me!

June 27th, 2005]
hey! well anyways i couldnt go out today which really sucks. cuase my mom was being a bitch. eh. wow i dont really feel like typing. well anyways. join my friends el jay community called dinolovin.! its awesome so join!

June 26th, 2005]
hey. well anyways today i went over to kevs with britt and watched saw. its a good movie. but after watching it once you already no whats gonna happen. but if u watch it for the first time its good. i love the notebook. and i think i could watch it many times. lisa was mad at me cause i watched it without her. but i told her id still watch it with her.

They carved a message deep within our broken hearts that failed to mend:
Make out kids never had a chance to be best friends.

She's into math and magazines,
Director's cuts and gray cell green
Armed with an eye for contradictions,
She sees completely through me.

I'm fond of Twin Peaks afternoons,
Inexpensive wine with cordon bleu..
Armed with a plethora of insecurities,
we keep each other amused..

And we sing:

Hooray for the madness, we are better by design,
Let's hope we'll never have to say goodbye..
Say goodbye.

Snowed in sleep over winter break,
Cocktails and miniature mistakes,
Lights out, we're covered in each others' warm embrace..

June 23rd, 2005]
[ mood | amused ]

omg! the movie the notebook! i love it!! its soo sad. i cried so much during it. my sister made me watch it and then like 20 minutes before the end. kevin calls and she leaves me. i love that movie soo much! oh wow. well i have nothing else to really write abuot cause i havent done anything besides sleep and have headaches. i think i might have mono again! ugh! i hate it. but oh well. im out.


June 21st, 2005]
okay well last night i went over to kates with tori. we rented saw. awesome movie. and than we hung out for a while talked watched tv. then we went up to kates room adn than we went to bed at like 630 a.m. and than we woke up at 1230 and sat around for a while went on the trampoline than brit came over we walked to school six. than we went over to stone hollow and chanced the blue bunny truck around. hah. then we went back to school six. talked and took pics. than we went back to kates and than went over to kevins development. funny shit happened their. me kate and tori were hiding cause brit was hanging out with this kid kevin and we dint want kevin to noe we were there and then this one boy comes up to us and is like talking to us. and was telling us were were weird and than his friend and his friend girl comes over and we were like arrguing with them. i dindt like his firned of the girl. i wanted to punch them. and the kid ased me if iwas a lesbian and i said yeha. hah. and than he said somehting about a hyndu and i was like ima hyndu. and the kid was like so your a dikey hyndu and i was like yeah! we kept telling them to go away but they wouldnt. well anywyas thats about it for today. hopefully i do something tomorrow but i dont think i am. but i dunno. well im out. <3 lexi!

June 19th, 2005]
hey. well anyways todya i went to ocean city with tori and dee. some fun stuff. well anyways. went on a bunch of awesome rides. had a bunch of awesome talks. and just had an awesome time. well yeah. im out.

June 17th, 2005]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey. well tonight was pretty funn.
went to hammonton rollerway with tori. and we hung out
with lizzie, ted, and everyone else.
some little boy kept following us around pretty weird.
and most of the bands sucked. i only liked two bands.
i finally saw. the day we die. their good. ted screamed for them.
and me and tori made up nick names for all the members.
oh and i moved into davids belly buttons. so me tori and lizzie are neighbors.
and i got nick to buy me soda. but i think he spit in it or something
cause its weird for him to be nice. haha.
well anyways. im out. ill probably update again soon.

June 16th, 2005]
hey! tomorrow is my last day of school. im pretty happy but than again im not. im gonna miss seeing most of my friends. im hoping my mom will let me out and not tell me im punished since im suppose to be punished but ive been able to go out. i think summer is gonna be fun hanging out with tori and kate. hopefully a whole lot. but i have to also make time for my other friends. like my lovely dana! cause i cant forget her! since she's been there for me for everything. i dunno life seems so fake. and it always seems like a dream. i noe i noe im weird. but its just. i dunno kinda hard to explain. i wanna beach it up a lot this summer and get really tan. wow! i feel like i dotn want to leave school cause i wont see alot of ppl. i dont want to graduate. its going to be so weird. well anyways enough with this school stuff. lets talk about guys. yeah im a little confused in that whole section. i like him and all but it seems pretty pointless since school is out and i most likely wont see him. cause he doesnt hangout with the ppl i hangout with and i cant stand most of his friends. their like total assholes. ah. i hate all this. when i think abuot life i dunno it just makes me upset. but i dunno life is pretty weird anymore. and im always confused with stuff these days. but i cant do anything about that. UUGH. well im out. ill probably either update reall soon. or not for a while. depends on life.. <3 lexi

never regret anything that once made you smile

June 11th, 2005]
[ mood | confused ]

hey. well anyways school is like so almost over. it seems like the year went by soo fast. and i noe alot of people regret what they do threw out the year. but me i dont regret anything. if it happened i cant change it so theres no reason to regret it. i noe im a bitch and cold hearted. but hey i cant do shit about that either. but anyways. guys=asshole. yeah im defiently tired of guys and the whole liking a guy thing. this summer i think imma try not to like anyone. yeah i noe its gonna be extremly hard. but hey oh well i dont care. but anyways. this summer is gonna be great i have two of the bestest friends anyone could have and i plan to spend alot of time with them. and than i have my other friends that i love to death and i def plan on hanging out with them too. so if anyone wants to chill give me a holla. (black girl voice) hah. yeah im a loser soo what. well anyways im out. <3 lexi


June 9th, 2005]
hey. ive been a pretty happy girl this week. lucky me. oh man school is almost out! i cant wait! well anyways i like this boy. but not to sure whats happening there. i dont think anything is gonna happen but i dunno. maybe ill be even luckier and something will. well anyways. finals are next week. not to sure i want to take them but i have to. but anyways im hoping this week end will be fun. tomorrow after school im going to tori and i dunno what all were doing. but anyways i guess that all im out.

theres always someone there to get me down, but theres never anyone there to help me up. [Sunday
June 5th, 2005]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hey. well yeah life sucks as always. yeah. well anyways i dont noe to much of what i should type here. but i figured since i havent updated in a while i would. well nothing interesting has been happening lately just a bunch of gay shit. nothing to good. i think i have to learn to choose my friends better. so of my friends i love and others. ehh. not to great. well anyways. i guess theres not to much to type. well im out.


June 3rd, 2005]
omg. life= pretty gay shit. im so tired of it. some things are good but most shit is pretty shitty. well im out. for now! <3 lexi

May 17th, 2005]
pictures from this weekend....!Collapse )

May 15th, 2005]
hey, well anywyas this weekend has been drama full and event full. well friday i came home from school went with britt to get her hair and makeup done come home ppl are here. i help britt get her dress on than tons of pictures and than we went over to promande and i saw some ppls dresses and i hung out with nick <3 and linsdey. and than my mom came and got me i came home packed and went over to toris. hung oout with kate steph adn tori and stayed up until abot 4 in the morning and talked about alot of stuf. and than we got up went to six flags. had a hella good time. ill post pics later i forgot my camera along with all my other shit at kates. than we went back to toris got our stuff. and than david dropped us off at kates we get there and call rob to see what all the akfc members are doing at jeffs. we go over there. than theres *drama* and than we went backs to kates. talked for awhile than went on the computer i fell asleep on the computer room floor they wake me up we go up to kates room go to bed than we wake up at 12 call the boys see what they werre doing than we get reayd go over jeffs hang out watch them play and than we went for a walk britt drove over while we were on our walk we all got in her car went to acme than went back to jeffs watched them play i talked to linsdey on the fone for a bit and than i went home. thats it im oout. bye! <3 lexi

May 9th, 2005]
Never thought you'd make me, break me
Now I'm up from below
Such a brilliant star you are
And will your love keep burning baby
Burn a hole right through my eyes
All these short times feel like no time
I thought you ought to know

I'm so far gone now I been running on empty
I'm so far gone now
Do you wanna take me on?

cant sleep. [Monday
May 9th, 2005]
[ mood | bored ]

hey. its like 210 in the morning and i cant sleep so i was like what the heck. i mind as well do my el jay layout cause ive been wanting to do it for like a month and i havent done it. well anyways. life is going pretty good. besides the basic little bullshit but oh well i get over that shit so easly. and i could care less about it anymore. well anyways friday night i went to sum win with flynn show at this churhc and that was fun i guess i got to hang out with everyone and chill. i hung out and talked with my friend anthony who i havent had a nice good convo with in a looong ass time. and that was good. adn just talked with everyone else. than saturday i woke up at like 930. went to school for an environmental club thing adn than went from there to work. worked till 3 than went to pets mart adn bought my mom a kio for the pond for mothers day and than went to walmart. and than went to marshall's and than came home washed my hair. let it dry dyed my hair got a shower. and got ready adn went to the mall. it was me kate britt kevin jeff rob and tori. that was funn hanging out at the mall. hrm. trying to think what all happened but its kinda hard to think at like 2 in the morning. adn than after the mall we dropped kate adn tori off than came home went to bed. than today i went out to breakfast witth the family than went to my grents adn than came home slept a bit than cleaned my room a little went on the computer and talked on the fone with nick <3. than gots a shower. well thats it. since i just like said exactly waht i did all weekend cause im crazy bored and cant sleep. well im out. <3 lexi

its like a cant eat,
cant sleep,
reach for the stars,
over the fence,
world series kind of thing.

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