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Hermione Granger's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Hermione Granger

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[14 Aug 2003|01:22pm]
I accidentally deletd my last journal entry. The good one. Crapppp.

[05 Sep 1997|01:59pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I didnt see Ron at all yesterday. I only saw Harry for a few moments after coming back from what happened. Pansy Stupefied me after finding me in the prefects' bathroom tub with Draco. I accidentally walked in on..erm.. his bath. He pulled me in. I dont know what would have happened if Pansy hadn't walked in.

Yeah. Pansy stupefied me, and I came to in Draco's bed. Bloody hell! Did anyone see me? Anyway, I came to, and Draco grabbed my arm and told me I was alright. I dont remember much. I was crying for some reason. He hugged me until I calmed down, and gave me one of his kerchiefs. I still have it. Hidden, of course. If someone were to find it.. I wonder if someone saw us holding hands.

His sheets were nice...

I'd better hide my diary too. I think I'll wrap it in his kerchief and put it in a sweater in the bottom of my trunk.


[04 Sep 1997|11:18am]
[ mood | confused ]

Last night I was too tired to recall all of the.. events.. of the night.

Although I wasnt around, I heard something about "SURRENDER POTTER" written in smoke in the sky. I think it was a trick to make everyone start wondering about him again.

I asked Professor Lupin to talk to Snape about giving me Occlumency lessons.. I really think Harry should stick with them, and I can help him study if I get the hang of it.

Walking through the corridor, I ran into Hannah Abbott and Draco. It was quite the sight indeed- but what a sight it had to have been after he OFFERED US AN ARM and escorted us to the kitchen. We talked about our summers, and candies and desserts. In the kitchen, the house elves (slaves) brought us strawberries and 3 kinds of melted chocolate. We decided to take them to the Astronomy tower to enjoy the snacks. On the way, Pansy and Tempesta came along to insult me and question Draco. I threatened Pansy. She can be so rude, I swear! Once we arrived at the tower, things got kind of odd (as if Draco offering me, Hermione Granger, an arm, wasn't odd enough already). Draco fed Hannah a strawberry and I felt a slight pang of jealousy. Okay, it wasnt a slight pang, per se.. but moi? Jealous? Of Draco and Hannah. But that was over soon enough, when he brushed my cheek with his hand. He looked down really quickly and blushed and changed the subject.. then I did something really really weird, I dabbed ice cream on his nose. And scooted closer to wipe it off again. As SNAPE walked in. I dont know whether I feel worse for Draco and I or Snape. (Actually, I got 30 points from Gryffindor, a weeks worth of detention, and a severe talking from McGonagall to look forward to.. bloody hell). Snape told me that Draco was intoxicated.. and I was upset. I'm not sure if he was acting himself all night, or just hanging around because the sleeping draught had affected his judgement. I hope it was just himself.. Jeez. Draco Malfoy. When he brushed my cheek, I got butterflies. Get ahold of yourself, Granger..

And that truffle I left out last night, Ginny gave it to Harry. They were snogging in the corridor I suppose, and Ron came along.. because Ron and Harry were having a row that I could hear nearly from the corridor when I got back to the portrait hole. I feel really bad now.. I have to make sure to keep my eye on my truffles..


[03 Sep 1997|12:10am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Today was.. well.. interesting. Received an owl from my parents, just checking in. They're both fine and I'm fine and they sent some catnip for Crookshanks. I gave it to him and he loved it.

Lupin approached me in the library.. we talked about M Draco a little.. about our encounter earlier in the day. Lupin said that if I ever needed someone to talk to, I could talk to him. I know I can trust him, and trust is a hard thing to come by as of late.

Caught up a little with Ron and Harry earlier.. Harry seems really distant. I want to approach him and have a real talk, but I dont know what to say. I'm bad at that.

Oh! And Ginny found me in the library today too. She asked for advice about Dean. He's obsessed with West Ham and is only in for the snogging.. oh dear. She also mentioned Viktor. He and I havent owled each other in a while.. perhaps I will send him something.. a knitted scarf? Maybe just a letter..

I'm exhausted. I hope I dont lay awake for too long tonight..


[01 Sep 1997|05:28pm]
The train was attacked, dont have to say much about that.. I wont ever forget it. Blaise Zabini, a sixth year Slytherin, was killed.

Started off the day with Potions. I was asked a so-called "direct question" on the properties of Berserker's Bloodlust. What the heck is that? Direct question?? Direct question my foot. I have a few "direct questions" for Snape..

I was, however, intrigued with his reply.. "Viking Berserker's Bloodlust is an illegal and highly dangerous potion. Twelve inches of parchment on Berserker's Bloodlust: the effects, ingredients, and antidote. " I suppose I would have researched it anyway, but 12 inches on the first day of school.. and with what happened..

Berserker's Bloodlust... hm..

[31 Aug 1997|11:26pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I've been too excited for school to get to bed tonight. I keep going through my trunk. I am excited to finally see Harry again. Ron, Ginny and me are meeting up with Harry at the station tomorrow.


[23 Aug 1997|06:09pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Today, the Weasleys and I were going to go get started with school supply shopping, but it was raining, so we decided to stay at the Burrow instead. Mrs. Weasley asked me to stay for dinner, and I think I will be staying the night as well.


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