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Hem hem.

I'm surrounded by morons and baffoons.

Dolores Jane Umbridge
Character's Name: Dolores Jane Umbridge
Character's Gender: Female

Character's Appearance: Dolores Umbridge isn’t necessarily ugly, nor is she toad-like. However, her resemblance to many unpleasant things comes from her unpleasant personality.

Umbridge is not entirely unattractive with her dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is small though, barely passing 5 feet tall. She is one of those people who is naturally frumpy-looking no matter what they wear, or what they do to their hair.

What she lacks physically, she thinks she can make up for by carrying herself haughtily and trying to be cute. Which never really works for her. She thinks dressing up in pastel pinks and greens, and accessorizing would make her more attractive.

Smiling doesn’t suit her. When she does smile, it gives people the impression that something obscenely wrong has happened.

Character's History: Dolores Umbridge is an only-child from a reasonably wealthy pureblood family. Her father works as a ministry official in the Committee of the Classification of Beings and Beasts, and her mother owns a chain of stores that sell Dark Detectors.

The Umbridge family isn’t big with the whole blood-purity issue, nevertheless, they are acknowledged in pure-blood circles. More to the point, they aren’t very sympathetic to half-breeds. They place very high importance in being wholly human, which is why Mr. Umbridge has pulled all his influence in blocking legislation that allows half-veelas, half-giants, or werewolves the same rights as everyone else. Dolores Umbridge carries a lot of her family’s prejudices, and is very impressed with her father’s work.

When she was younger, she would be fawned over by relatives. She never had playmates her own age, which forced her to live in a world where adults can be made to give her things if she sang for Aunt Esther, or recited poetry to Uncle Wilfred. Her room had pink and light blue walls until she was thirteen.

Dolores Jane Umbridge would like to be called ‘Jane’ by her friends –if she had friends. Unfortunately, no one can stand her, and she has to settle for being called ‘Umbridge’ by everyone. She was sorted in Slytherin for her determined ambition, and is willing to sink to new lows to get what she wants. To her, ends would always justify the means.

Umbridge wants to be the Minister of Magic someday. She has excellent grades and does exceptionally well in classes, but that doesn’t mean teachers like her either. She sucks up to persons in authority.

She and Malfoy have been selected prefects in their fifth year, however abuse of prefect power disqualified her from being Head Girl. She is still bitter over that since she would have wanted to put that kind of achievement in her resume.

She is in her seventh and final year in Hogwarts. Already, a secretarial job in the Ministry is waiting for her.

Character's Personality:

Umbridge is very difficult to get along with. She is used to having all her whims catered to, and labors under the assumption that being cute would help. She is bossy and controlling and likes to manipulate people to do what she wants them to do, only she doesn’t have the same charm Bellatrix has.

She comes off as extremely fake, but this might be the effect of being an only child with no playmates of her age – she’s not good at socializing.

She worships authority and believes that harsher punishment would keep everyone in line. Sometimes, she hates being in Slytherin with all her unruly housemates.

She thinks Sirius Black is dreamy, and is often flirting (or what she thinks passes as flirting) with him and Potter. However, their constant rule breaking (and stubborn ignorance of her advances) leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. She would have liked to be interested in Regulus Black, but since he hangs around disorderly scoundrels like Dolohov, she keeps her distance most of the time.

She has a terrible girlish giggle, which she thinks is attractive. No one’s really had the sympathy to tell her otherwise.