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By any means necessary

Has anyone else noticed Director Wilikins' ...rather erratic behavior? He has asked me for the documents on the Department of Security and Defense three times today, despite the fact that I have given them to him the first time he asked. The poor man. We're all overworked and stretched out these days. He deserves a vacation somewhere quiet.

Riots, disappearances, a few notable areas of discontent among the werewolf and vampire communities. Another day in the Ministry of Magic.

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The return

What on earth has happened to the security in and around the Ministry of Magic building? The lack of response from anyone and the behavior of the rioters --for that's what they are. Let us not kid ourselves into thinking they were simply well-meaning protesters. They came with half bricks!-- is simply unacceptable. If we are not able to ensure the safety of Ministry employees, and the highest institution in the government can be besieged by a mob, then what can the public possibly hope for?

It's enough to make me want to leave the Ministry for good.

But I won't. It's obvious that no one here is capable of doing anything right. I am needed to make sure the machinery that runs this country works.

I need an ice pack. Someone give me an ice pack!
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Free speech is overrated.

FLOOING into WORK is already DIFFICULT enough considering how many people use the Floo network. Between NAVIGATING through the sea of BODIES to get to the elevator and DODGING the PESKY REPORTERS from the Daily Prophet (who seem to have nothing better to do than to stand around the Ministry entrance and accost innocent workers about their opinions on the state of National Security and the Minister's sanity), it is a CHORE getting to WORK on TIME.

There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO ADD PROTESTERS INTO THE MIX. Pureblood, Muggleborns, Suibs-- it does not matter. If you are NOT a Ministry employee and you have a PLACARD (some of which are grossly misspelled. I don't know what a 'sosiel canser' is supposed to be), GO AWAY. This is a PROFESSIONAL WORK ENVIRONMENT and you are NUANCES. How are we expected to SERVE you if you GET IN THE WAY?

If I had my way, you will all be detained and formally charged as destabilizers. But, NOOOOOOO, we have to be DEMOCRATIC. Rubbish.

Cutting things out.

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Job cuts. How exciting! I like to compare it to a professional game of musical chairs, where the unlucky person who is left without a seat is not only eliminated from the game, but ejected rather unceremoniously from the Ministry. Of course this game is only for those in the lower rank employees, but it's rather fun to watch.

And while the Minister is the one who, regrettably, signs the cuts, it falls to me to invite the unfortunate almost-former-empolyee of the Ministry to my office, have him sit down, offer him some tea, and break the news as gently and professionally as I can.

Attention, Demetrius Shunpike of the Department of Floo and Transportation. Would you like some tea?
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making fun of someone


Where is that Kingsley Shaklebolt and what is he doing? There is an increasing pile of forms that have to be delivered to the Department of Mysteries, Department of Transportation, and Department of Muggle Affairs and none of them are being delivered. The Department of Transportation has already been circulating badly-made jokes about the general inability to transport anything to them. For the love of all that is pure and true, kindly stop these errant jokers.

Busy, busy.

Has anyone seen the Daily Prophet this morning? Disgraceful! Falmouth Falcons lose to Appleby Archers after a week's nonstop quidditch. As it turns out, the snitch was never even released from the box.
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The posting of unauthorized materials on bulletin boards and doors of the Ministry building is strictly prohibited. All posters/ fliers/ booklets should be submitted to me or to Madame Bones for inspection prior to being propagated. If you find any offensive material posted anywhere in the Ministry, kindly take it off as soon as possible and report to a Ministry official at once.

To the people responsible for sowing fear and confusion within the walls of the Ministry, be warned that you will be apprehended and subjected to an investigation.

--Dolores Jane Umbridge
Junior Undersecretary of the Minister of Magic

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I fail to see how a little spat in a school can be news worthy, but here it is. Page 13, section C of the Daily Prophet. "Riot in Hogwarts: are our children safe?" This of course has led to numerous owls by indignant parents to know what is happening. It does not help that the article seems to be hinting heavily on blood-politics as the reason for the so-called 'riot'.

I'm sure it's nothing. There have been school fights in my time, often because of some petty misunderstanding in the Quidditch pitch. It will boil over soon.

The same can not be said about matters in the Ministry. There are talks of arguments among the lower echelons of workers. Again with blood-politics. I recently overheard a pure-blood structural engineer threaten to cut off a half-blood Unspeakable's figgin. What exactly is a figgin?

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