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Thu, Apr. 24th, 2008, 12:37 am
My road to the World Series of Poker

I won't bore you with the details of the first five satellites. The only one that really matters is the sixth one, the $2100 buy-in satellite, the last step to the big dance. So here's some play by play with colour commentary.

I won the first two hands. AQ from the cutoff first hand won the pot outright preflop. Second hand went a little like this:

FPT???Collapse )

Pretty simple hand. I didn't think he had any of it and I was pretty much right.

I stayed pretty quiet for the next little while, folding everything. The next real hand I played was a big slick from late position.

When continuation bets get called, pray for a turn card that works for you.Collapse )

I put him on KQ or QJ. The ace definitely put him off the hand, but he had to lead out on it to see if I had it. Clearly I did.

I was more than content to fold every hand in level 4. I finally saw something beautiful near the start of level 5.

Oh pocket aces, how I love thee...Collapse )

I'm not sure how I got him to commit his entire stack with an underpair to two overs on board, but hey, I guess my flop bet looked fishy as balls, or he thought he could check raise me off the pot. Bad play or bad timing; you pick the verdict.

I live by the motto "tight is right." When you've shown one hand the entire tournament and it's pocket aces, you can bet your sweet ass you look tighter than a virgin on prom night. (Thanks Adrian for the simile from a home game a few weeks ago.)

Thirst is nothing, image is everything.Collapse )

He either had a weak queen or airball. Either way I made a nice play here, raising him off the pot with top pair good kicker.

I noticed one guy hates flop play, but he liked raising preflop. Playing back at him seemed to work, as in this hand that set me up into the break.

Was the deck stacked for me or what?Collapse )

I expected a button steal, and I'm pretty confident I was right. This theme would continue throughout the tournament, and will be pivotal shortly.

In fact, a few hands after the break, m_reed05 doubles up his short stack with A3 against KQ, and then gets it all in against me the very next hand.

I lose flips. Really.Collapse )

Through and through I made a correct play, he made a marginal play to get the money in, and I lost a coin flip. It happens, it sucks, but what can I do? He doubled through the chip leader to become chip leader, and at this point I hang up on Curtis who I had called during the break to talk to.

Something up above loved me for doing that.

Steam raise? Oh no, I pack the heat.Collapse )

busto_soon is an online pro with several hundred thousand dollars in OPOY qualified events. I felt really good hitting that flop against him. I almost shit bricks seeing the queen on the flop. Then I saw the ace.

I hate people that limp.Collapse )

What am I gonna do there? I have no idea where I'm at in the hand, and I have to consider my two pair is good against a short stack that limped preflop. The hand stung, didn't hurt as bad as I would've expected a flopped set of queens to.

I chipped back up in the next two hands off m_reed05, reraising his late position raises with AKo and 77, both times picking off his 1000 chip raise from the button/cutoff.

It got down to 3 handed shortly after as qqwwaass and busto_soon went out in two consecutive hands to m_reed05. Me and DDBeast were behind over 2.5:1 each against m_reed05. DDBeast doubled through to even with him with QQ against A4, so I needed help.

I wasn't getting much, so I pulled a shove and pray with this.

Turning point.Collapse )

The 4 to go ahead, the king to fall behind, the diamond to give me the miracle runner runner flush to double through and stay alive. I had hope. I believed.

This little hand here I liked my play very much.

Bluffz0rs.Collapse )

I repped the flush, or at least better cards than he might've had. I repped it guud.

Three hands later, m_reed05 busts DDBeast with 99 vs AJ, and I go heads up with a 3:2 disadvantage. But not for long. Heads up lasted 4 hands, and here they are.

My victory, short, sweet, and delicious.Collapse )

Pocket fives, twice in four hands, both times against a big suited ace, both times holding up huge to send me to the World Series of Poker main event. I'm going to Vegas, baby.

Thu, Nov. 15th, 2007, 11:27 am
A poker dilemma.

This is an actual situation that happened to me on Sunday, and it's been one I stand by, but I'm wondering what the poker community that I know would have done.

Situation: You are a higher middle stack in an online MTT, four hours in. The bubble has been burst, leaving you in the money, with the stack to go deep in the cash.  You have just been moved from a table where you were dominating the action to one that you have no information on. You sit back and observe the table, and notice a bigger stack to your right making the occasional fishy raise to an odd number, usually a little less or a little more than 3 times the big blind. Under the gun, he makes a raise to a little more than 3x, but another odd number. You are in middle position with QQ.

What action do you take?

A) Reraise
B) Call
C) Fold

Sun, Aug. 26th, 2007, 03:33 am
This is going to be one of the longest posts I ever make in my life.

So, today, two of my best friends got married. I'm sure pretty much everybody knew that, given that I've been talking about it for a few days now.

My day started around 9, when I woke up, had a shower, got ready, played some Xbox 360, then headed over to Curtis's for 10:45 to help load up the other Jordan's truck with anything perishable that I couldn't store overnight in my truck. Got there a few minutes early, sat around Curt's living room playing with their cat Pixel, who was very sociable to me, even though I had to have reeked like other cats. Clock kept ticking, and Jordan still wasn't there, so, in a quick panic, Curt and I start phoning Victor and Kevin, managing to get Kevin over to help us with the loading. Who knows what Victor was doing at the time.. we figured sleeping. Jordan showed up at 11, and he and Curt started loading his truck while Kevin and I drove over to the reception hall and started unloading all the soda that we had loaded up last night. Had a nice platoon of people helping out there, so unloading went nice and smoothly.

Curt and Jordan showed up about a half hour later with the perishables, having had lots of trouble getting it over there. I grabbed Curt and we went back to his place to begin loading the huge amount of alcohol we had for the wedding. Seconds after we left, Curt's phone rings; it's Kevin.


"What do you mean you have a problem."

"Okay well just go back and help us then."

Me: "What was that about?"

Curt: "Oh, that was Kevin, he said they had a slight problem; they have nothing left to do. So they're gonna come back and help us load the liquor."

As we're pulling in to the alley behind Curt's house, his phone rings again; this time it's Tommy.


"WHAT! ... WHAT! ... WHAT!"

"Oh my GOD, could anything else go wrong today? Okay, can you make it there before 2?"

Me: "Who was that?"

Curt: "That was Tommy. Apparently, his dad took his car this morning."

Tommy's car had nearly ALL of the glasses, all of the tablecloths, and various other supplies the setup team needed for the reception hall. Yeah. That was bad.

So, swiftly our 4-man loading team of two Jordans, Curtis and Kevin got my truck laden down fully with alcohol, and other crap that had to go up to the reception hall. I drove back solo, as Jordan had to go back to North Vancouver to get his suit, and Curt and Kevin had to go get ready (their limo ride was at 1... it was now 12:30 at this time.)

I got all the alcohol there solo, and the army of helpers got everything unloaded and stored in the reception hall quickly. I decided to take the opportunity to go home, shower again (I'd broken a sweat doing all the loading/unloading,) and get dressed in some of my finest.

I apologize for there being no pictures now, I had a million taken of me during the night, I'm sure hundreds will surface over the course of the next week. I wore the lavender shirt and purple tie from my suit (of which the pants no longer fit,) my regular black pants (hooray for semi-casual pants), and my black leather jacket (I look so hot in that jacket, I need to wear it more.)

After getting myself snazzed up, I headed back to the reception hall, and parked my now out-of-gas truck as close as I could, knowing I'd have to bring stuff back to Curt's later. I hung out at the reception hall for a bit, helping set up as best I could, before heading over to the gazebo for the ceremony.

The ceremony was supposed to start at 2:30.

It started at 3:10.

Here's what went down. We all walked over around 2:20, it turned out to be pretty much standing room only. So, I decided to hang around with the people I know, obviously. Clock kept rolling, Curt showed up maybe 20 minutes late, the bride and bridesmaids not showing up until 3ish, due to many delays, none that probably could've been avoided with how hectic the day was.

And as if on cue, the heavens decided to play a cruel joke on us all, and start pouring rain the second Laura stepped out of the limo. Luckily, the wedding party was prepared, and handed out golf umbrellas which kept us all mostly dry. I say mostly; there were a few people who got notably wet, just due to standing outside of the umbrella radius for a little while.

The ceremony was beautiful, very similar to that of my cousin's last month. Both Curt and Laura had their own vows written up, it was a quick ceremony, but very touching.

And whatever higher power that be decided that it had enough, and stopped the rain as soon as the paperwork was signed.

As soon as we had a free moment, the setup team + myself (as I had conscripted myself to help out, feeling as though it was the right thing to do today) rushed over to the reception hall... only to find it locked when we were told it would be unlocked for us to set up. A quick phone call to the park office got that solved, and we got inside to start doing what we could.

I washed plates. A lot of them. We had to clean them off after getting them out of the packaging, so we had two people washing, and about 6 people drying them. It was very busy; I was up to my elbows in soapy water cleaning plates, and worrying my tie would fall in, or my sleeves would fall down. Finally, we were done with that, and I went to sit down.

Ended up at a table with Kevin's two brothers, the other Jordan, and a couple other people that apparently Jordan knew. I wish Mike were there, but, c'est la vie.

I didn't eat much at dinner, a few pieces of chicken, some corn, some bread, some rice. I was pretty wired, and mostly nervous for other reasons. I had a drink right after I finished, just before the speeches started. Found a new brand of rum I really enjoy, almost better than the Captain.

So, here comes the second best part of my night. Having jokingly suggested to Curtis last week that if Kevin should bomb his speech, I would be there to save the night, I had been preparing at least some rudimentary improvisation should I need to make a speech. As if on cue, Kevin, who had an amazingly well-written speech done up, seized up as soon as he got up to give it, and kinda bombed it. Leah bombed hers as the maid of honor, then the entire wedding party was being called up and giving mostly random speeches, as none of them expected to have to do it. So, eventually, someone (I think Mel) had the great idea to say if anyone out on the floor had a speech, they could go up and do it. I think I literally jumped out of my seat and ran up to the microphone.

I got up there and I killed it. I was completely on my game, and even having only known them for a short time comparatively, I said things that were heartfelt and genuine, threw in a couple of amusing anecdotes (the Tommy story from the morning was the best one, I think,) and closed on a joke about poker. (Laura, I'm serious, stop taking my money.)

Getting back to my seat, all I heard were compliments. In fact, all I heard for the rest of the night were compliments. Best speech of the night, amazing pubilc speaker, it just wouldn't stop. Yeah, it got to my head a little once I had another drink, but when I'm on, I'm on. It felt good to do something on a complete whim and come away knowing something more about myself. Confidence is a hell of a drug.

Eventually we moved the tables aside to clear a dance floor. I proceeded to start buying people drinks in attempts to get the most hilarious drunks at the party completely shitfaced. It almost worked; there are pictures of people two and even three-fisting beers, as a result of my encouragement. No male-male bonding in terms of dancing or making out though, which was my ultimate goal as the mischevious imp of the night.

The sound system was ailing, so I suggested they move the iPod over to the microphone stand to get it on the PA. Eventually they played the iPod's speakers into the microphone. It worked, mostly.

I danced a little, then a lot, did a lot of talking, did a little drinking, generally had an awesome time. I did partake a little of the herbal refreshments that Laura's father was passing out outside, but definitely wasn't out there long enough to get ripped. Vic, however, had an edible, and proceeded to get fucked up. More on this later.

It came down to me having an awesome time for the rest of the night, as I got to do what I wanted to do tonight for sure, and that was dance and feel amazing, and I did, and I came away from tonight feeling the happiest I've felt in a while. I know I've been saying it a lot lately, but it just keeps improving; I'm becoming a positive person finally.

So, as the party wound down, I started buckling down and helping out clean up, shifting stuff into the kitchen to then shift into the vehicles for transport. By now, a lot of people had left, only a handful remained trying to get cleaned up, and several of them were close to being wasted as all hell. Laura was going a little crazy trying to get it all organized, I was doing my best to keep my head on straight and get people helping out.

Jordan's truck was loaded first, and he took off, to lord knows where. He wanted to go to Sin City tonight; no idea if he did.

I went and got gas in my truck with Adrian while this was going on. He was really drunk and on the phone the entire time. I took him just in case I ran out on the way over, but I made it. Adrian, whether he will admit it or not, was fairly wasted. Edible + a lot of beer.

Got back, started loading my truck right away. Got a full load of leftover soda and liquor in it, drove it back to Curt's place with Neal and Curt, Neal got his car while Curt and I unloaded and got back to the hall. Proceeded to finish with loading of leftovers, and drove back to Curt's for the final unloading. Everyone pitched in for that (and I'm still going over tomorrow to help out before I take Curt and Laura to the airport.)

It started pouring as soon as I left. I hijacked some chips and 6 bottles of soda. 4 cokes, 2 root beers. I'm set for 2 weeks.

Now, as for the state of Victor... my dear friend had a lot to drink, plus a full bud cookie, and proceeded, at the end of the night, to vomit for a while, and basically had to be taken home with a bucket under his face. Adrian was loaded, but still mostly coherent. Neal sobered up when the cleaning started, Curtis too. My drinks were gone so fast I barely felt a buzz. I hope Vic's alright, really. He was in bad shape when I saw him last.

I must say though, tonight was awesome, many, many congratulations to Curt and Laura, I hope their honeymoon in Vegas is profitable and fun as all hell.

I'm still wired, so I might play some Xbox before I take a nap.

Sun, Oct. 16th, 2005, 12:01 am



this brought to you by SpaceJesus

Fri, Sep. 30th, 2005, 03:01 am
Insomnia sucks.

Alright, I can't sleep again, and something else is on my mind.

A Blog. Also known as a Weblog. An online journal, often used as an open forum to convey thoughts, opinions, and the like. Not unlike I'm doing right now.

However, the blog has become a very innate part of society now, since society itself has taken a turn towards internetizing itself in every way.

The blog originated from webmasters updating a page on their sites on a regular basis, often with opinions. Some blogs were themed, others were just a journal or a diary. Eventually, the blog became something of a cultural phenomenon, becoming more than just the ramblings of people who have webspace and want to yammer away in it. People began to actually read these things, and eventually started getting their own. The advent of sites such as Livejournal perpetuated this phenomenon.

Really, what I want to boil down to is the raw psychological aspects of the blog. Those of us who make our journals a public forum do so to allow anyone, and I do mean anyone, to read anything they post in there, whether it be a very deep personal secret, or the inane ramblings of an insomniac. (Hi, right here.)

Yet, some blogs become censured because of their content. Now, are we not given the right to free speech? Granted, the internet is governed locally in each country (something I don't agree with, but I'll save this for another night,) however, we write in these things to be heard. Sure, I might write to a select audience (and I swear, you're the worst audience I've ever had, no offense, I'm just teasing,) but I do so to be heard. Just because these posts aren't public (though I should make them, so you can direct your friends,) doesn't mean I don't want to be heard.

A friend of mine came under fire one day for making a comment in their journal that could've been read as something offensive. They asked me what I thought on the subject, and that's pretty much why I'm writing this now. I told them simply that whatever they wrote in their journal was their own thoughts and feelings, and people could read it however they want to. Sure, what was said could've been read badly, but in all fact it was the truth, and people have every right to be offended by it, but that's no need to call for censure.

Journals and diaries of the old times were items of great importance, and indeed, great privacy to their owners. They held our innermost secrets, desires, and feelings, and never intended to be leaked. However, the advent of our information superhighway (gotta be megahighway by now,) has created this ability to make our private lives public in any fashion we choose.

Why would we do this?

I have a theory that all humans are by nature exhibitionist and voyeuristic, at least in this generation. We're a generation of perverts; we get off on sharing our lives with others, and with snooping quietly on the lives of others. My computer screen is my shadowy window into the bedrooms of billions of people's lives, if they've left the blinds open for me to look through.

Think about that the next time you post in your blog.

I might be standing outside your window, peeping in on your innermost secrets.

And you might love it.

Fri, Sep. 30th, 2005, 02:31 am
A long overdue J-rant.

Alright, it's time for some late-night ramblings.

I've had a lot of shit on my mind, recently, and it's not the same emo bullshit as usual. I've been doing some heavy thinking about how society has fallen to a point where we are all slaves to the corporate machines.

Everything in our lives is being compressed into more complex and ultimately more expensive forms. Cell phones are no longer just phones, but digital music players, video recorders, digital cameras, personal assistants, mobile instant messengers, and a whole other shitstorm of crap. Cars are being outfitted with more and more home entertainment bullshit. There's a longer list; I can't even remember it all off the top of my head.

Now, this might just be me on an age trip here, but I like to think that I grew up in an era when a phone was a phone, a music player was a music player, and a car was a conveyance from A to B. Yes, I know that I'm in the generation where the technological shift has created a push towards this advance in electronics and their capabilities, but enough is enough.

I own a Nokia 5190 cellular phone. It has no special features, other than the ability to phone someone from anywhere on my network. I have owned this phone since I was in 10th grade, six years ago, if you can believe. To upgrade to a new model, it would cost me over $300, plus a change in my pre-paid plan to a contract. Do I have any desire to do this? No, because all I need is a phone. I don't want to pay out the ass for some fancy phone that does tricks. I want something functional and cheap.

Society has evolved to a point where we have a driven desire to have status symbols such as these. No longer are we judged by our clothes, or our surroundings, but by our accessories. Our cell phones, our PDAs, our laptops, our cars, our digital music players. It sickens me. I'm not normally irritated by things like this, but it's been bugging me for quite some time.

And, ironically, a part of me thinks that the corporate machine is losing money on these conglomerations of electronic gear. Logic would dictate that a person would only have to buy one of these all-in-one gimmicks, and have all of their needs accomplished. But it just isn't happening. We're driven by advertisements and society's stranglehold on our own self-indulgence to buy more and more crap that we grow less and less use for.

There will come a day when every piece of day-to-day life we need will be available in a single multi-purpose utility. I will call it the swiss-army-piece-of-shit. The swiss-army-piece-of-shit will cost the same as what the average house costs today, but thanks to inflation, this will be the equivalent of what a cell phone costs. Everyone will have one, and one will not be enough, because every month, a new one will come out with one new feature that everyone has to have.

And you know what?

I'll be sitting in my retirement home, (God forbid, I swear I'll haunt my kids if I ever get put into a home,) throwing my turkey mush at the television/internet box/heart monitor/dialysis machine/jukebox/atm because I just saw an advertisement for the next great electronic device.

And that my friends, is a long overdue J-rant.

Thu, Aug. 18th, 2005, 04:49 pm

To those that have added me as a friend and are wondering why you can't see anything:

I'm an elitist fuck.

If you're interested in actually getting onto my friends list, and you found my journal through someone else's journal, ask them to get in touch with me. Referrals are awesome.


Sat, May. 15th, 2004, 10:42 pm

Hi there. Also: This journal is Friends-Only. Comment if you're not added already, ADD ME IF YOU FORGOT TO.