HEART TO FOLLOW (_heartscontent) wrote,

Sorry buddies. But I've narrowed my friends list to those I know in real life or whose journals I've followed for years now. I may have a public journal at some point, but for now, I'm keeping it closed to the close.

  • Writer's Block: Phobias

    I have a bizarre fear of a cluster of holes, which I believe is called Tryptophobia. It isn't so much that I'll run and hide upon seeing them, but…

  • (no subject)

    Free freakin tickets to Jo Bros next week?! HELL FUCKIN YEAH! ...someone remind me how old I am? k thnx.

  • cause i'm a proud mama

    You have to watch these videos of Panda, the band I manage, when they opened for the Matches. I see them tonight. Cafe Du Nord. 8pm. Go go go go go…

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