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_heartinabox_'s Journal

11 December
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Please add my new journal kawaii_takuchan

This journal is just for my personal memories now & will not be updated in anymore.

.hack//infection, .hack//legend of the twilight, .hack//liminality, .hack//mutation, .hack//outbreak, .hack//quarantine, .hack//series, .hack//sign, 5 for £5, alphonse elric, angel sanctuary, angels, animation, anime, anime shopping, artwork, balmung, being random, candidate for goddess, candles, cartoons, cats, cheesy comedy, chinese food, chobits, coca cola, comics, consoles, d.n.angel, dark mousy, death note, discounts, dogs, dragon knights, dragons, drawing, edward elric, eiri yuki, emails, figurines, final fantasy, friendship, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, fun, gameboy, games, gaming, gashapon, getting texts, going out, gravitation, gundam, hagane no renkinjutsushi, hao asakura, happiness, having my photo taken, hugs, inuyasha, j-pop, j-rock, japanese culture, japanese language, japanese manga, kratos aurion, late night games, laughter, lava lamps, laziness, london, love hina, lum, maison ikkoku, manga, manga shopping, mars, meeting new people, mendou, midnight phone conversations, models, moroboshi, naruto, neon colours, neon genesis evangelion, night time, nintendo, not so crowded places, oh! my goddess, one piece, opinons, photos, pink hairdye, pirates, playstation 2, prime time, ranma half, rave master, real bout high school, renting movies, romantic anime, rpgs, rumik world, rumiko takahashi, rurouni kenshin, samurai x, shaman king, shonen jump, shounen-ai, shuichi shindou, skateboarding, tales of, tales of destiny, tales of symphonia, tokyopop, toma seguchi, ultimate x-men, urusei yatsura, video-gaming, wolverine, x-men, x-men evolution, yaoi, yoh asakura