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wow. i haven't updated in a little while.
i'm pretty tired & don't have much to say >_<

mhmm. i'm about to watch full metal alchemist numbers 17 & 18, & D.N.Angel 4 so i thought i'd make a quick update before i begin.
ehhh, what's new?

not much tbh.

i keep sitting really stupidly cross legged on this chair & it's really hard so its digging into my ankle bone & i keep getting a horrible red mark there.. ~ stupid mee.

me & scai-kun are gonna get the inuyasha collection this sunday, maybe.
i'm still thinking about it, & if it's not in english, i'm not gonna get it. we'll see. i prefer the dub for that.. & i hate the way the subtitles are done sometimes.
then there's still my fma collection to pay for >_<
damn money.
& my medication *sniffles*

& scai-kuns buying my japanese fma manga this sunday.
plus i'm gonna get inuyasha manga myself. *falls over*

i thought.. wth. i only live once.

help me out deciding here; who shall i go to my next convention as??

a] winry [fma]

b] elie [rave master]

c] riku [dn angel] uhh i kind of look like her already]

d] ranma [ranma half, obv]

e] suggest someone else?

anyway, I PROMISE i'll stop boring you with anime stuff now.


i get my blood test results tomorrow *frets*
i'm kind of worried, since it could go either way.
i could have nothing to worry about, but then again, i get really tired easily, & it gets me down like hell. it kind of stops me going out past 8pm. [yesss lame].
i get sleepy kind of around 8pm...... it sucks, ne?

scai-kun managed to spill a whole glass of water over me & my computer today. hahah.
it wasn't funny at first, but now thinking back, the guy has ended up being such a klutz XD
ohh dear.

jimsicle~ cheer up =D
things can only look up. kay?

sunday will be fantabulous, i'm sure.
but for tomorrow, wish me luck on getting my results. Yay.
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yesterday i spazzed out pretty much all day..
i had a really bad day for some reason? o.O

then at the end of the night, when everyone else was asleep, scai-kun was leaning back on his chair, i went over to him & WHAM! the chair leg hit my big toe. i was crying in pain >_<
he put ice on it for me, so it isn't as bad as it was.. luckily there's only some bruising & scratching & a tiny bit of swelling.. whew. XD

i'm really getting into inuyasha lately.
me & scai-kun have watched up to episode seven, & i've taken a fond liking of inuyasha.. so my next character i draw [other than edward] is gonna be him. X3
oh & i drew haru [rave master] last night, but i didn't have the right colours for him, so he came out dodgy *sigh* so in the end i drew chibi ed. muhahahah.

talking of rave master, they changed the times round so it confused me & i missed recording half an episode. DARN TOONAMI!

i'm badly looking forward to sunday, i'm still deciding between my 6in model of edward or an ornament of them both which comes with a free game book.. hmm. o.O decisions, decisions.
i'm also gonna get inuyasha number one.
& scai-kun is gonna be buying me full metal alchemist number three XD

i'm cruising with my japanese. according to scai-kun, i did better than he did when he started! so i'm hoping by the time september comes, or whenever scai-kun goes back, i can go with him to japanese year two. w00t!

ehh, sleepy >_<

i had no point to write this really, i just felt like a ramble.
to give this a point, i'll post this crummy survey i did out of boredom.. XD

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today consisted of:

walking backwards & forwards ten billion times between soho & leicester square;
going into five different manga/anime/comic stores looking for things;
getting special deals on mothers day gifts;
getting special deals on japanese stuff;
getting to liza's late [unfortunately] & having a flying aunt visit;
ordering stuff at certain places;
randomly meeting chris, david & luke in london;
nearly falling asleep when i got home.

awww. my brother & erin just offered us a free pizza. how nice of them XD

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squeeeee~ i picked up my copy of neo today & to my delight, just like i'd anticipated, full metal alchemist was splashed all over the front cover. i know i bounced excitedly, & probably made myself look a dork, but i didn't care XD
fma = LOVE.

i saw some really hilarious fma icons today. made my day.

me & scai-kun were talking about the typical "i will destroy you" anime character today. there's always one of them guys. this conversation was sparked because i was reminded that in skies of arcadia there's a guy just like it. what a dork. o.O
oh, & one of my mangas, obv is gonna have one of those stereotypical characters. hah. =D
i think it was also because of rave master yesterday. although the guy is hot, i just don't understand how destroying someone like lego bricks is really gonna frighten them. WE'RE NOT LEGO!!
[it doesn't make sense, but it makes sense to me =P]
destroy does mean break after all, ne?

my mum's watching fame academy >_<
it's painful to my ears.
but it's all for a good charity. ehhhh~

i should watch .hack//sign number eight, since it's waiting to be seen.
i have looooads of fma to watch when it gets done. mind you, i have some time before that happens. 3.9% *sigh* tremendous effort.

i love my icon, fma crack is hilarious XD

oh edward-kun *sigh*

i realise my updates are quite seriously pointless of recent, but i couldn't resist =D

i want a scanner to put pictures on my livejournal because i'm minus a digicam, but my scanner is annoying when it's installed, so i don't think i'll be doing that.. feh~ ^^

i should start drawing pictures of edward-kun then. that'll give me some inspiration to turn the damn scanner on. OOOOOOOH WELLLLLLLL.


oh, & plz do that lj info thing in the cut from my last entry. i'm really interested to know. kthxplz.
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today has just been RANDOM~

five minutes ago, i came out with the most stupid thing ever [unless you don't watch anything bam related, then you wouldn't know but..]
scai-kun: don vito reminds me of george?
me: [distracted by fullmetal alchemist pictures & pictures of ed] who's don vito?
i'm such an idiot. i know full well who don vito is =P
but edward elric distracts me muchly.

anywaaaay, jess popped over this morning about 11am which was a nice pleasant surprise.. we talked oldschool stuff & memories, & of jess' usual "losing-phone" antics.. & just as we said that, two minutes later she dropped her phone & the back fell off. then she said it must be me because every phone that broke obv broke around me =P [minus a few though..]
she jumped on scai-kun to wake him up, & then took a wander around our room, which includes two & a half full shelves of manga, a whole shelf of anime & games, & two MASSIVE wallscrolls plus a ton of posters. ahem, we'll leave out the messy floor.
i've never described my room before =O

jess had to leave at 1pm-ish to meet kev.
so time flew [unfortunately] as i had to have my bloodtest taken. it took all of 30 seconds but it hurt like hell.
i'm serious!! & every time i tensed after that for like four hours it hurt. >_<
darn needles.
it's okay now though.

russell came over this evening.. hana couldn't make it =(
i'm sure i'll see hana soon though, i know of it!
we showed him fullmetal alchemist vol 1 (but we only made him watch the first episode) ~[because, hohoho i'm addicted.]
& we all played donkey konga, apart from me! because i didn't wanna embarrass myself as my reactions are slow... feh, say no more! ^-^

ohh yess, i had the most randomest dream last night. two of my ex school buddies [who turned evil so i beat them up, no, i didn't really (but wish i had because they were horrible ppl)] came over to watch inuyasha which turned into urusei yatsura [in english] which halfway through turned japanese.. um? & then i went upstairs & apparently there was another part to the house which had turned into a hotel room, my mum & erin were watching an anime [WTF! my mum never watches that, & neither does erin come to think of it o_O] & then i went upstairs to look for my boyfriend, & we.. uhh, made out to metropolis. except it wasn't metropolis, it was a different anime, & it wasn't the scary old one either >_< uhh.. that dream was per-se pointless!!

rave master is getting good...

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so be it.
gonna watch inuyasha & fullmetal alchemist now. CIAO~


pps; i've gone for a fullmetal alchemist iconage theme, obssessed much? do i care much about that? i think not. edward elric is too hot to care about being too obsessed.. ohhh it's all healthy. =D

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i don't actually know the reason for updating, uhh.. since i have absolutely barely anything to say.
i'll think of it as a time waster.

i started out watching new episodes of .hack//sign FINALLY last night.. i'm just lazy, i guess it's getting better. the first episodes were kind of slow but ehh.. it's getting there.
my new fandom at the moment, ALONGSIDE full metal alchemist is gravitation, i've been reading the manga, & i have to say OMGWTFHOWHOT is eiri yuki. but there's always room for teh edward elric love.
speaking of fma, i managed to watch episodes thirteen & fourteen yesterday, ahem, slow i know.. but so queeeeeeeee~ cute.
he's finally got round to finding the kitty.

this week's got no plans, apart from mothers day...
other than russell & hana visiting us on thursday after 6pm.
i hope i have enough stuff to keep them entertained XD
i'm useless lately...

go to central london, obv.
pick up gravitation number 2 & 3 with help a'la scai-kun.
[thank you scai-kun!! i love you!!]
then onward to liza's.
we'll be leaving there around 3pm-ish so we get back around 5pm so i can spoil my mother.. like duh.
can't forget that.

oh, this morning i had the worst stomach cramps.
& then i woke up & my phone had decided to not have a network.
i got worried cuz some bogus dude had called me asking me if i wanted to renew my contract when it ended & i said "no" so i jumped to conclusions.
luckily it was only my network coverage & i managed to call my operator & get it back working again..
pointless banter~

i'm starving. i've just realised.
well, that & the fact i feel sick. darn stomach.
wahhh, i have my period coming up soon >_<

this entry has been written so pointlessly.

edit in~ seeing as my computer seems to be really messing up lately, this is just a warning in case you don't see me online for a while. if i suddenly disappear & stop commenting/updating, then my computer's probably crapped up or something. whew.
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yesterday on the way to liza's we did our usual stop off in central london to pick up some mangas.
scai-kun's so sweet, he treats me to a manga every week.. i've run out of money so i can't buy my own either =(
really wishing i had some cash just lying around.

i was really sick & tired after the journey, & thought i couldn't cope with it, since the jubilee line was out of commission. but we stopped off to check out orbital [which was open for once] fehh, whenever we walk past it it's normally closed on a sunday. we dropped in & i saw to my excitement & fondness, full metal alchemist figures [FUCK YES!] so since they didn't have edward in the ones on the shelf, i spent fifteen whole minutes debating whether to get one out of the boxed ones [which didn't have ANY indication who was in them].. & out of a one in six chance of getting edward the guy working in the store made me open mine in front of everyone so he could see if i'd got edward.. & soforth.....

i am now the proud owner of an edward elric figure!
it goes right on the collectors shelf next to blackrose & the sailor moon scouts.

scai-kun also purchased fruits basket number five for me. i so need to read all my mangas now.. i'm building up a collection of unread ones >__<

went to FADS when we got to kilburn to pop in & see wendy who was happy to see us.. & she eventually asked whether her & rob could pop over this saturday but since i'm feeling drained out & a bit crappy i said i wasn't too sure yet, i'd let them know.

we got to liza's by bus, i felt pretty damn drained out by this time so i crashed out in scai-kun & mine's bed in his old room. then we ate curry..
& his mum let me borrow her book on "feel the fear & do it anyway" [which so far has bored the tears out of me, but since it's a self help book, i suppose it has to] on recommendation of my therapist who i've stopped seeing as i wait for counselling therapy.. fehfehfeh.

russell called me, he's coming over thursday with hana who i haven't seen in 454646456565 dog years.

i'm currently eating cold toast & waiting on scai-kun getting up so we can a] perservere with mum's fabulous list of things to do for her & b] go out & get his metropolis figure in kit krazy down the road which he's been wanting to get forever....

i wanna record two episodes i missed of rave master tonight.
the american dubbed one makes me wanna cry though.. i wish it wasn't so EDITED.
eeeeee~ ...please don't destroy full metal alchemist if it ever comes out over here.

WHOA. this post has been filled with rambling about anime/manga/full metal alchemist & what i did yesterday. plus i can't write for shit today, i'm still tired & crappy & coldddddddd. so if this entry bored you or didn't make any sense, i'm sorry. it cannot be helped.

later~ y'all.

ps; yesterday was mine & scai-kun's 1 year & 5 month anniversary.. oh & we'd known each other an exact two years. =D
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what a way to start the day.. or the last three as it may seem.
i started feeling a bit crap on wednesday but put it down to just being sick or something, therefore i took my three normal medications & some resolve for my headache, which cleared up after i had some crackers & salt [weird, but apparently i might have had low salt levels & high sugar levels]
annnnyway, yesterday i was feeling tired & run down all day & my mum's been away in france with ben & ezza, which is okay since me & scai-kun have the run of the house, but it didn't help that i continously fell asleep at certain times during the day [not even evening] & stayed up till 4am before i fell asleep until 12am AGAIN.
hmm. we did get to watch daredevil though. which was good until he put on his costume & fought alot of fights [my mind wandered on them parts].
today however, i went to the doctors, dragged myself out of bed at 8am to call the doctor & after waiting for ten to twenty minutes he told me i got to have the overdue blood test i never had & i may have low heamiglobin levels [which is something to do with iron in my body i gather] so therefore i obv. can't do anything about it until i know except eat things with a load of iron in..
fun >__<
it feels crap though, since i'm always tired & run down.
but i have been feeling unnecessarily sick. blehhh. not good stuff.
so i gotta take this other stuff for high stomach acid [if i have it] & then on top my normal meds until i have this blood test.

iron/vitamin tablets, here i come.

what a load of medical jargon i've wrote, heh.

we're gonna play skies of arcadia soon because i haven't played it yet, since i got it for christmas i should consider playing something new!

i've been watching more episodes of chobits *expresses high cute factor* i dunno about getting the manga, but the anime is so seriously cuuuute.


not much else to say really.
meant to be going to liza's on sunday, if i feel okay.

ahhh well.
have a good day thank you plz.
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scai-kun's been watching terminator three, & to be honest, i didn't like it much, so i took the time out to come on here & update..

my eyes really stinging & i've had a crappy headache all day =/ but it seems to have gone now.. muhh, good.

i watched the candidate goddess OVA today.. uhh. i guess it was just mainly introducing the characters tbh, it only lasted twenty minutes & it was all flashbacks, & random ones at that.
from what i could tell.
i gotta start reading my mangas again.. heh.

caught up on mars number two. hmm, have been watching mainly ranma half, chobits & gundam seed recently. i dunno what to think about gundam seed yet, i'm half liking it, half not. fehh, we'll see.

i actually had nothing to say, so i guess this has been pretty pointless.

i like that word. i've read it being said too much.

i'm gonna get offline EARLY today, it'll make a change.
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it's snowing & has been on & off for the past half a day.. muhh.
i guess it's nice to look at but i almost froze when i went out in that.

the past few days have been interesting nonetheless, so it's a nice time to settle down & watch the snow i suppose.
on sunday;

me & scai-kun went to london to check out the usual stores [forbidden planet, gosh, & so on] & i ended up buying myself dn angel number four, dn angel number five, & gundam seed. scai-kun bought me fruits basket number four. heh, someone in forbidden planet turned to me when i was looking for scai-kun & said "hey, you like anime don't you? you're an anime fan aren't you?" & i nodded & she grinned & said "i can always tell". i was like.. umm okay, wth? but apparently after she went round the corner [scai-kun overheard this said conversation] her friend asked how she could tell i was an anime fan, & the girl replied "because she has a poliwhirl on her bag, anime fans always wear them!" okaaaayy.. moving on. then we went to the laundrette & he got me urusei yatsura in japanese because i'm gonna start learning it & i wanted something i enjoy/already know. we spent AGES looking for something for scai-kun but he couldn't make up his mind & decided he didn't want anything.
then we headed towards baker street but headed towards kilburn to pick up japanese ranma half from liza's & scai-kun searched high & low for his missing parasyte.. albeit no luck.
in the end we left to go to auntie bessies because liza was there after all. we stayed for about an hour before they had to go off to take scai-kuns sick fillipino grandpa back to wood green. =(
so we made plans for sunday to meet with liza instead..

buhhhh.. today was interesting. went to bromley, it started snowing hard, we ended up getting mars number two [because i really wanted to know what happened next] & then i saw tokyo mew mew number four, which i hadn't been able to get on sunday, so i got that.

jayson texted me for a bit whilst scai-kun was looking at random £1 crap, & then we headed home.

i'm sleepy.. muhh. not fun >__< i've been sleeping too much!

*dances* ranma half has nearly finished downloading.

scai-kun's drawing a picture of the tx from terminator. *shudder* arnold swarzneggar scares me. yes, i don't care that i spelt his surname wrong.

ohh, me & scai-kun were planning our academic/livelihood future yesterday. i've decided sometime after i get better [whilst working in a comic store] i'm gonna take up a japanese course with scai-kun & rei [whenever they return to theirs] & then take up a comic strip course [because thats apparently how all manga artists start here] fehh. i really wanted to start going to manga college already.
well from then on, i'm gonna start writing/drawing my manga & try & do it all in japanese, & later on head out to japan to study/work out there & translate some with scai-kun. i'll probably maybe go to a manga college out there, but that's a big if. then we'll go to aussie, where i can continue on writing/translating manga.
fun, no?
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