February 25th, 2005


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what a way to start the day.. or the last three as it may seem.
i started feeling a bit crap on wednesday but put it down to just being sick or something, therefore i took my three normal medications & some resolve for my headache, which cleared up after i had some crackers & salt [weird, but apparently i might have had low salt levels & high sugar levels]
annnnyway, yesterday i was feeling tired & run down all day & my mum's been away in france with ben & ezza, which is okay since me & scai-kun have the run of the house, but it didn't help that i continously fell asleep at certain times during the day [not even evening] & stayed up till 4am before i fell asleep until 12am AGAIN.
hmm. we did get to watch daredevil though. which was good until he put on his costume & fought alot of fights [my mind wandered on them parts].
today however, i went to the doctors, dragged myself out of bed at 8am to call the doctor & after waiting for ten to twenty minutes he told me i got to have the overdue blood test i never had & i may have low heamiglobin levels [which is something to do with iron in my body i gather] so therefore i obv. can't do anything about it until i know except eat things with a load of iron in..
fun >__<
it feels crap though, since i'm always tired & run down.
but i have been feeling unnecessarily sick. blehhh. not good stuff.
so i gotta take this other stuff for high stomach acid [if i have it] & then on top my normal meds until i have this blood test.

iron/vitamin tablets, here i come.

what a load of medical jargon i've wrote, heh.

we're gonna play skies of arcadia soon because i haven't played it yet, since i got it for christmas i should consider playing something new!

i've been watching more episodes of chobits *expresses high cute factor* i dunno about getting the manga, but the anime is so seriously cuuuute.


not much else to say really.
meant to be going to liza's on sunday, if i feel okay.

ahhh well.
have a good day thank you plz.
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