December 26th, 2004


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i have figured out what my main interest is in any movie, game or anime ever.
& i'm not talking about the fluzy christmas angels you so often hear about, but proper dogma-esque storyline angels. mmhmm.
last night me & scai-kun completed tales of symphonia by 6.30am at level 65 in 54 hours.
80 hour game? i guess if you include the sidequests. i just didn't have the patience to wait that long to get kratos back.
hahah. oh i could go on forever about dear angel kratos till everyones sick to the bones. seriously. he's just got that "something".
it's a mystery.
tales of symphonia has opened my eyes.

ehh. enough about that anyway.
xmas was nice, apart from the lil' episode of my uncle pissing off & upsetting everyone in my immediate family. ben's now suffering from some weird fever thing, he was sick in the night, but i dunno if that's due to stress or just a 24 hour sickness.
hmm. christmas eve was spent at home a'la bessies.
we spent like, an hour & a half at scai-kun's house beforehand, which kind of put us out because of the trains decided not to run so late. we got home in due time though..
pfft. xmas morning i was the FIRST to wake up, despite mum telling me i wouldn't get up because we stayed awake till 4am the prev. night.. four guesses why? heh.
so i woke up mum, she woke up ben & ezza, & then scai-kun dragged himself out of bed.
it was a nice way of spending christmas;
i got:
skies of arcadia for ze gamecube.
clerks [which apparently you can't get anywhere anymore]
chasing amy dvd
a little dog teddy,
some makeup because i kept using my mum's half the time,
some pyjama bottoms because mine suck,
a giant teddy & some toiletries from liza,
some expensive perfume from my brother & ezza.
some chocolate from bessie.
& some chocolate reindeers & polar bears from my mum. THORNTONS STYLEE.

ohh yess. skies of arcadia is now another cool game in my hands. mehh. i won't play it until i feel worthy of playing it, i have ToS fine storyline still in my head.

mhm. the best present ever had to be ToS for my birthday. EVER.

we had lamb this christmas. i hate turkey & i'm sick of chicken so i'm glad it turned out that way.
but i've got a sore throat & my anxiety has been screwing with my head too much. i'm pissed off about that... b l e h h h.
ahh well, never fear, the festivities are here. CORNY OR WHAT?

next is new years eve. i have no clue what anyones doing?
what's the story guys?

uhh jay-jay, how have you been?
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